Indians Family 1.0 for iOS – Very Challenging, Physics-Based Puzzle Game

Applistar today is to meet Indian Family iOS 1.0 for their game where players try to understand how a family can safely cross a natural barrier to the extreme left to extreme right of the screen. With three natural environments and 60 levels of puzzle solutions are best suited to the creativity and ingenuity of even the control of the game the player with the most enthusiastic. Any solution based on the physics requires careful thought, experimentation, patients, and flawless execution. Players control the movements of the father, mother and daughter, all of different weights and sizes, which are essential for every puzzle.

Abu and his wife, Ber, and her daughter in June to try to find the way back. On the way they have to go through, under or over natural obstacles in their way. The player can choose any character, and control their movement left, right and top. For example, in step 1, the family is on the left side of a canyon and cross the other side. Can they run and jump? There is a trapeze swings either side of the throat. One of them managed to successfully jump, swing and jump over? Can they build momentum, while bringing them closer to the trapeze to the other side? If they cross individually or in groups? The player will find the answer to all these questions about how to get all courses. . There is no evidence and no solution is available, and only the first three stages are unlocked

An old school riddle asks: “A man who weighs 200 pounds has a boat as he can and. his two friends who weigh 100 pounds, all of which cross the river when the boat cover only 200 pounds? “A lot of puzzles in Indian family need this kind of thinking, but in a much more complex. Puzzles in the game are the lever, swings, planes, lots of people and objects, collisions, the charge sticks, balls, tops and much more. All the action takes place in one of three parameters, The jungle, the desert and the Arctic, and all objects in each puzzle to their original environment .

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