In Your Dreams: It’s Only In Your Dreams

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Beautiful, stunning visuals.

Wed This application is very well thought out and beautiful to behold. I found myself spending a little time just looking through all works of art. We all dream, the trick is to memorize them. For those who do, the users of this app a place to record these dreams and see their meanings. For me personally, it was a great tool, because my iPhone is next to my bed. After an application to register your dreams dream a lot easier than trying to remember while you try to shoo find paper and pen (as I never think to keep beside the bed). This application also eliminated the need to waste time searching through a dream dictionary to pass because the majority of symbols are right at your fingertips. This application is, as always, 2 for the price of 1!

The users are a fairly comprehensive instructions so that you know what each section can be used in the dream magazine and there is a small part of the consultation. There are four main parts of this app. Classes & section ebook, Dream Symbol Card, symbol and index the journal. The magazine you can add a new entry and is an archive of past messages. The magazine even has a place for a title, a description of the essential elements, staff associations, interpretations, and the ability to add icons.

lot of work has been to this request and I am very surprised that developers charge only 99 cents! It is defiantly worth every penny.

To read the interview with In Your Dreams Belinda Recio application developer, click here.

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