iFirstAid Lite: An App Everyone Should Have

Most adults are not first aid or CPR beyond the lesson study as we all know how our friends who give Heimlich maneuver She trains (which I wouldnt really count as training). But there are a number of injuries, including minor relief, we should all know how to handle. Since I can never remember whether the anti-bacterial cream to put on a burn or pull a foreign object from an open wound (not both), I help iFirst Lite on my iPhone.

offer free reference App clearly, step by instructions for assistance to victims of bleeding, choking, burns and poison. It provides a CPR course how to determine the age of the victim with a timer. It even includes voice instructions, so that your hands and eyes to the injured party, not your phone. should be


Some may see this guide as easy, but they are for the average man in a nightclub or mother in a playground a first responder, can come with professionals if necessary.

When Mom and Boy Scout leader, I find this software useful. However, I took two stars from my rating. The first star is shameless self-promotion: In the home menu, the categories of injuries (burns, choking, etc.) and an option to tell a friend who asks you to send an e-mail to promote the application . Not cool. The second star, I’ll be taking classes for too little. Bites & Spades is only available in the premium version developers need to know what would be really helpful for parents everywhere.

Speaking of the premium version for $ 2.99 could be several categories, including drug overdoses, bites and stings above and get a lot more (I know, the full list before the purchase, I really do not). An additional feature of the premium App Store is a mode where you understand that first aid supplies, you may need to add to your kit. Since I use other applications, shopping list, this is not a function I need.

I find that using iFirst Lite is fantastic to have a reference to the case, I hope to never have to use it.

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