iDrink: Be Your Own Barman

Who ever fantastic lap from Tom Cruise was seen in the hit movie of the 80s Cocktail’ll know when you pick up girls, the best way to shake it wants to do a special beer to launch online and cheese (. no matter how long you are) theyll be your crush Well, the cool world of the shaker is just a download and iDrink provides the answer to the eternal question of the animal Party: Drink That I do next? You can search its large database of spirits, liqueurs and mixers, and come with the perfect cocktail recipe for your taste, a masterpiece of mixology from the remains of the pregnant liquor. The random button is a bit cool in the application, if you drink a cocktail for your next opportunity. It comes with a standard list of the best of the best, but you can change and modify these practices to suit your preferences. Just do not do too much, nothing less than a horny drunk cool, so be sure whos mix your drinks and avoid the famous “Red Eye” / a>

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