HTML Writer: Edit Web Pages From Your iPhone

Mon Have you ever felt like your site if you’re away from your work computer? Maybe you’ve been sitting on the train and saw a misspelling on a sneaky of your pages or you’ve finally decided on a hex code, which you would be perfect background color. HTML Writer you can make these improvements to your cellphone.

This application is definitely for those who want all the difference between a
& Returns. There is no WYSIWYG editor here and no explanation for beginners, but there are buttons to quickly insert for experienced Web developers to open and close tags People, or add special attributes or code snippets activate it. You can use these tools, how to edit a file or, if you can time / type you have on your iPhone quickly create a page of nothing.

but the feature does not stop there. There are also a number of thoughtful amenities that make this application a very useful tool for Web developers. This includes an overview of your pages worked before theyre released to the Internet, access and downloading photos you took on your phone, e-mail your finished files and download the source code of any page web.

The application also allows FTP access to host on your website. But during tests, I found that I upload files in my root directory. Every time I tried to drill down to the HTML files in my file, I received a message that the connection failed. Maybe theres a setting I could change if I had more knowledge of how these things but this is not a problem with the other FTP client I had, however, and for me, it limits the usefulness of an otherwise excellent application.

If you build a website from scratch or do a lot of coding changes to an existing one, must be made before the computer is probably still the best place to be. But if you have a simple website and you want to make simple changes to the pages when you’re on the road, then this is the app for you.

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