ForeverMap: A Great Alternative To Google Maps

For those of you who are a little tired of waiting for Google Maps to load you get later and later on your way to an appointment or want to check ForeverMap date. ForeverMap lets you download maps of regions and districts in the world, with particular emphasis on the United States and Europe, so you can navigate using your iPhone. Oh, and here’s kickeryou do not need a data connection to use it!

That’s right, you’re more in the rear end must be stranded when trying desperately not to find the signal, while using a tree stump or barter in the cafes of their connection Wi-Fi, All maps are stored for use on your iPhone redy when you turn it on, which also means that your data allocation will be determined normally. You can search for functions such as address, find the location, route planning and a lot of information on places of interest in Wikipedia, which has done everything in working order without data connection. The function of Wikipedia is really cool, especially if you travel and want to study the characteristics of the places you. want to add

The cards hold a good amount of space on your iPhone, but you can delete it as you drive from one place to another, those who visit regularly. For only $ 3, you can save a lot of data roaming and Wi-finding and headaches can be a bit where you can learn in the world. A bit like a winner, really.

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