Fandango Movies: Jump Every Queue!

It publishes no cooler feeling than a night and is approaching a place, be it a movie or theater (which theater did not back up?), a long queue observation and walk directly to the front of him, basking in the spotlight of Tuts jealous glances and envious that you are now allowed through the doors without hesitation moments. Well, for 99.9999% of us who arent a rock star, footballer or Katie Price last husband (with the latter, I think Id rather queue in the rain, to be honest), then there of hope in the form of app Fandango. This application allows you to cinemas and theaters by location or film or program type, read reviews and watch movie trailers and select your preferred type of ticket and tickets in a flash. iPhone users also have the advantage that it can display, publish, connect with their Facebook account, your movies on the wall and share your thoughts and opinions about the movie with your friends. The Coming Soon and Box Office Top lists also means you never miss the latest cool movies.

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