Facemood allows iOS users to discover the mood of their friends


App of the Day – Frimby Limited announced today for IOS, an application that allows to recognize the mood of their friends by making a specialized algorithm for their metadata Facebook as their most recent Facebook, Face mood . quantifiable data on the moods of Friends is currently out of social networking and therefore fulfills the gap in the market mood face.

Our algorithm includes a variety of variables such as the use of key words, sentence structure, punctuation, before feeling a conclusion on how the user’s Facebook friends. moods friends in a simple, graphical symbols and concepts displayed on a profile below. If you are presented with the mood of a friend, you can get more information on the nature of their composition. Facemoods describes select keywords they used to be a close friend of humor

Faced Mood uses a variety of sources for their database keyword (for example, Urban Dictionary), but also users to create custom add keywords, so that the algorithm can pick up certain words that suggest a particular mood. as if a friend is happy when they play football, can give the user “football” with an emotion of their choice, in this case, “excited.”

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