eBay App: New and Improved Features!

Better, forward!

My eBay recently made some updates to their already successful and popular application. You have the original structure of the App the same, but now uses a more organized and clearer maintained. The main page of the application has now added additional features. These include allowing the user to search for items by product categories and see also the image of items that the user last viewed. This provides an ideal visual memory and is a great addition to the application.

My eBay tab, was clearly organized into four positions and then the user function you need to access classified. The main elements are:


  • Displays your user name and feedback score.
  • attend shows all items you are watching, whether active or terminated.
  • Purchase This section is divided by your best offer, active, won, and has not divided.
  • sell now the details of your best deals, active, sold, unsold and planned terms.
  • The number of items will be highlighted next to each function so that it can still be selected to view details. This shows the buyer and seller details, including shipping address and comment shows.

    tab now sell the amount of money you’ve accumulated sales over the last 30 days. The app also gives you access and control your PayPal account, which accelerates your sales process. You can make your article on Facebook and Twitter, and can also search for terms in other countries. Instant alerts you aware of all your eBay business so you can control all aspects of your account directly from the application.

    These updates are provided presentation more organized, more specific selections, the user only the information they need to win, then he can always know the structure, regular user and love. major updates that have made a positive difference!

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