DropBy Let’s You Reach Out to Friends When You Are in the Neighborhood

independent developer David Vondracek, announced the first version of DropBy 1.0 for iPhone, iPod touch users. DropBy scans your contacts for mail and displays it in the area on the map with a pin. Even in the city all day and after leaving remember someone, you should have invited? Or maybe you’re visiting your hometown and want to sign up with old friends? Find your contacts with DropBy and get in touch quickly. Plan your visit with minimal effort.

Keep your favorite restaurant or business contacts in your address book? Easily find anytime for a meal DropBy. Or you can also download a list of addresses for sales calls in an area, and ready when you arrive. When the pins on the map to show DropBy type the pen name for the contacts again and complete their contact page. You can call, text, e-mail with one tap. No more scrolling and scrolling through contacts.

Perhaps you do not remember contacts in a field, but their names. Zoom and pan the map to the right area and research. The application will pull your whole contact list for that area and drop a pin. Zoom and pan the map to adjust the area to find – just press the “Repeat search in this field, and certain charges of pine in the specified range. Compass icon zooms in the current situation and invites. DropBy accepts the mails you for your contacts. No contact information is collected by the fall.

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