Download FREE eBooks for your IPAD/iPhone ‘Mac & PC’ (NO Jailbreak Necessary)

This video has shown how to download free ebooks for your iPad (Now also support iPhone iOS4). Log into this website Browse through the Catalog and start downloading free. After downloading go to itunes and click on “Add to Library”, add that ebook and press “Sync” button in your itunes. No jailbreak is necessary for this whole operation. Done. IMPORTANT: ANY EBOOK YOU DOWNLOAD MUST BE IN ‘EPUB’ FORMAT. NO OTHER FORMATS WILL BE RECOGNIZED BY ITUNES. Any eBook you download must be in “EPUB” format. Or else your iTunes and your iPad might not recognize it. All Credit goes to people behind this huge gutenberg project, making it possible for us to download free ebooks for our i-Devices. Enjoy !! Don’t Forget to rate, Comment & Subscribe. ***********************************************

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