Do Some Good: Volunteer from your iPhone

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You can do

lot to do with an iPhone. You can manage your finances, learn how to bake a cake, buy and sell on eBay, or to restrict the number of hours playing the angry birds. And to do now with Orange Mobile new application, something good, you can participate with your phone in the provision of micro-volunteering your community.

Theres no financial obligation or donations at issue here, even the application itself is free. They do not need to commit time.Most many activities carried out in four minutes or less, and you must add information to a database, please complete a feedback questionnaire, add locations on a map, or to complete a number of other tasks briefly through your phone. In recent weeks, for example, uses survey responses welfare applicationto Ive shape the services offered by the Samaritans. Ive got to our neighborhood park to play the card in the open and I took pictures and gave them a picture of the images, charities Bank canus free and open in their outreach materials.

If the fuzzy warm feeling of doing good is not enough for you, the application also allows you to work with virtual badges and awards of real music by the Orange RockCorps Collective.

Like many others before him, this application is that the authorization of force from my mobile internet connection. O2S signaldefinitely poor, it is difficult for me to add cards and send photos when Im on the road. But at home, on a wireless connection, the application is much easier to use.

I also hoped that the new facilities would be included regularly in the past three weeks, but at least the possibility of staying the same actions. Theres room for improvement in speed and content, then. But, as in this letter on May 11 did not pass the users of this application a total of 24 days and 20 hours of the end 8952 to charity events and benefits nonprofit in the United Kingdom.

And I think that’s good enough to use the iPhone.

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