Do Most People Use iPhone For Business Or Pleasure?

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Apple invented the iPhone, it is a draw as if it were undertaken, or be used for fun, as some claim that the invention Angry Bird definitive answer to this question, because there is a businessman living, this game could have on their iPhone and do not sneak up on the toilet business for five minutes for kill the pig, but still.

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, we run a weekly poll to see what the interests of our readers, a few weeks we have started a poll asking this question and the results were enlightening. You should know that 76% of you said you use your iPhone for fun, the 24% he for business expansion. This accumulates with another survey conducted by the fighting in 2009, which asked 600 Smartphone owners what they use their devices. 73% of iPhone owners reported in the survey they say as a device for personal communications and entertainment, compared to 59% of smartphone users other than their listeners had for business.

But why is that? What is the reason behind this? Could it be that we have studied the production of thrills, with a diet of MTV and video games are released, with the empty promises of instant gratification in the consumption of raw cry of our television screens every time a Nike advertisement is played? Or is it that the iPhone itself, which predisposes to give the fun of life is, rather, is gravity?

If it is true that Apple’s ethos has always seemed much more creative and adventurous average compared to its peers, the ability to access the Internet and email as well as impressive as Dragon dictation notes applications is the ability to exercise commercial functions. Despite this, the Blackberry still seems more business weapon of choice for people, when everyone seems guilty pleasure iPhone. The investigation of the case, we discovered some interesting opinions on the subject.

Traditionally, you had a smart phone, because you had to do mobile email, “said Danielle Nohé, research director for combat. But now people who are for personal productivity. Theres a wider range of people, the reasons for using a smartphone. Good point, with more than 350,000 applications in the App Store, the slogan of contemporary culture, theres an application has never seemed more relevant. Maybe it’s just a case of iPhone users with a wider variety of applications in their personal use, rather than linked to the operating system for commercial impressive but ultimately limited the BlackBerry. His personal life is often much more varied and diverse as their business processes of life, so there are many other ways to use different applications in different situations (eg looking for a restaurant, networking social, train schedules), unlike Simply e-mail and on the tables, etc.

To be with our society, as it is to have social networks and use the smartphone to a mode life and not as a lifestyle choice for a wide lot of people. The fact that people with their iPhones for pleasure instead of business is an indicator not only of the impressive array of iPhone applications for entertainment and gaming, but also how technology is an integral part of social world and the business world. Businesses have computers necessary to conduct its business for several decades handle all this took us by phone our friends, to organize our social life, it now appears that the iPhone has and social enterprises to overcome and we can be a control device at a time. Wed rather just have fun with it

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