Discover infinite word-search fun with Word Search Plus for iOS


Consulting SA, a developer of mobile applications currently focused upward to create puns, today announced the enthusiasm over the previous version of Word Search More success for iPhone, iPhone, iPod touch. This application keyword Advanced search built on the Word kind experience for gamers of game actually infinite, consider access to definitions and the ability of the origin and historical contexts of words they find. In a clear demonstration of its current popularity with mobile gamers in Word, the application has already prestigious New and Noteworthy Apple Word & Educational Games category was presented after less than two weeks after release! Word Search Plus is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for $ 0.99.

This app with a simple goal in mind, make word search enthusiasts provide an update of its popular game that offers portable as faithful as possible to their roots in the implementation of any improvement its mobile support remained there. The result is the Word Search More. The game itself is simple: Players are presented with a grid of letters and responsible search for words hidden in this grid. Forward, backward, diagonally, the words are hidden in the game grid of letters filled in all possible directions. The application includes a bank of huge words, and because new games are created on random players are sure they never play exactly the same puzzle more than once.

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