Dictionary.Com: Dictionary & Thesaurus: An Indispensable Reference Tool

screen ad word has all the information one would expect from a dictionary page and adds a favorites list and audio pronunciation.

Mon Many computer programs come with some sort of dictionary functionality. Whether writing an e-mail, text, notes, tweet, blog-post, or any other collection of words, we expect a prompt to see if we spell it wrong. So why do we want another application dictionary?

Well, do we sometimes have to specify or define words of our existence analog book instead of a 10 €, we have this app. Unlike dictionaries Dictionary.com application that any content you’d expect from a large print dictionary, including a pronunciation guide word, word origin, part of speech, and some definitions, if any.

Also, unlike many dictionaries application committed the Dictionary.com reference material does not need an Internet connection to work. It’s true: nearly 2 million words, definitions, synonyms and antonyms are included in the application itself. If you do not mind using your data connection, the application Dictionary.com Voice-to-text search, audio pronunciation, spelling suggestions and word of the day feature.

But wait, theres more. The app also Thesaurus.com for those times when the simple solution is to blame (see, with p> already !).

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