Debt Busters: The Ultimate Finance Tool

and go!

Wed Given this is a new app, I’ll just go to the developers. This application has great potential and with some improvements and additions could really help many people. I liked the simplicity and ease of adding debt to the app. The ball goes up and down cute is a great feature. This is a video where you are and you can see where you should be. This application allows you to set the date on which you would be debt-free. If you’re planning a holiday event or others, you can use this time as a motivating goal. There is a section of advice that I thought was very convenient, especially for someone new could get out of debt in the world. For others, this knowledge can be known. The settings you can use a lock code on the application instead. This is a great feature if you are someone that people pick up their iPhone. I may be the monthly budget. In this section, I might add a monthly income of entry, your debt payments for you and you can meet other expenditures. The graph gives you a great visual, where your money goes. On this screen, you can mail yourself or someone else, an overview of your income and expenses. Visually it is appealing.

What I did not like was the constant crash. Whenever a program crashes, it leaves the user frustrated as nothing. I hope this is something that developers are working on. I could not get much out of the program outside of the original device and tap. I think there should be more features for $ 2.99. There are many free and inexpensive applications that have more functions are stable, and that the same work.

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