Offering Permanent Unlock for iPhone and iPad

Blacksn0w forget, forget Ultrasn0w, he is a new method for permanently unlock your iPhone now offered by a company called CutYourSim. It costs $ 169.99, but is permanent, and you do not even need a jailbroken iPhone to do so.

The process involves sending your IMEI unique to the company, who then managed to find a way to insert IMEI whitelist Apple iPhones unlocked, unlocked iphone rendering plant. After Chronic Dev Team member, the process is legitimate:

For the moment there is no word for all the consequences to this process, however iPhone Dev Team member explained that blogs @ MuscleNerd Apple have the power to revoke the release of iPhone, the next time you restore. Whenever you restore an unlocked iPhone requires a new chip from Apple, and it is for Apple to stop at this token you sent, effectively lock your iPhone again possible. a

Another iPhone hackers @ veeence strongly recommend backing up your activation auth (SCC) using a tool called SAM, which can be downloaded from this source: So, if Apple refuses to give you your activation code chips, you can simply backup.

The process costs $ 169.99 and will last about 2-5 days. You can find out more and buy the unlock code HERE.

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