Crazy Formula a New Addicting Puzzle and Board Game

AppGeneration just finished their last game of Crazy formula 1.0 for IOS. Never heard of a famous scientist? We need to start the perfect formula for you, me, with. The science is there for you through crack in a sense, the formula (liquid) to all laboratory vessels until it reaches its final destination, the receiver forms. As the game becomes more difficult, you need to combine different liquids with different colors to get the right result. And it is not always more difficult than you can guarantee that you mix liquids in the wrong combination, and each color comes at the right time, even though for them, you need a way to delay flow of any fluid.

very addictive puzzle / board game will train your scientific mind, and be mesmerized. You can find a formula intuitive crazy game where you draw tubes, mixing colors to flow deceleration and change the colors for the desired end result in an interface that presents graphics and original sound to obtain.

The game features 51 challenging levels and progressive formula in 5 books (levels) and organized a book last special. You will also find instructions in the level. Crazy formula is connected to Game Center with benefits.

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