What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak for iphone

The world “Jailbreak” is giving first impression like someone is a prisoner and breaking the jail bars. Well, it is very simple to understand what iPhone jailbreak is. In iOS prospect, the prisoner is the user and the jail bars are the restrictions or limits in using the apps.

Now let me explain in more easy words. There are lots of applications in a new purchased iPhone which allows limited access to the user. Now doing jailbreak, it removes all those types of limits. Many Smart Phone, tablets and game console makers include a layer of Digital Rights Management (DRM) software on their products. It works either to limit the software you can run on iOS or for some security reasons. Doing Jailbreak, you can, in other words, bypass the DRM restrictions and can run unauthorized software’s.

unlimited i apps

The word unauthorized is confusing. Isn’t it? Well there are two types of apps which can run on iOS. First one is those which are preinstalled and available in iStore. Second is that which are not available, but can run after avoiding DRM limits. The main difference is that apple will claim only those issues, which occur during the usage of the apps which are preinstalled. The second option with jailbreak apps, apple will never claim if any harm or malware found while downloading or running unlimited access to the apps. Simply, unauthorized does not mean that such apps can not run on your device. They can run, but they are not from the approved apple source. They are from a third party for which apple does not allow user for security and privacy reasons.

By doing jailbreak, the warranty which is available to the consumer will be void and user can not claim for anything after jailbreak.

Unlock paid apps

There are two types of apps available in apple store. Paid or free. You can use free apps easily by installing them. There might be, in fact surely, some apps which restricts the user to have a limited access over them like demo versions, limited access to levels, limited features or downloading, etc. By downloading the paid version for the same app from apple store, you can have full access to that app. Now the question is that what is the role of jailbreak here? There are almost all versions of all paid apps available for free by doing jailbreak your iDevice. When an app comes to apple store having the paid tag, the jailbreak developers launch its jailbreak version which you can easily and freely get after doing jailbreak to your iDevice. With this jailbreaking system, you can download and access applications and games that are unavailable on the official app store.


Jailbreak opens the new paths to customize the iDevice in the form of user’s usage and requirements. You can change the layout, themes, font sizes and styles and many things more which you can not do in nonjailbreak device.

There is a great mess between the iPhone developers and the jailbreak developers. As the new version of iOS arrives in the market, the jailbreak developers mobilize and start working to launch the jailbreak version. This is a cat and mouse game which never ends. Let’s see who wins…

Steve Jobs to announce iCloud, iOS 5 and Lion at WWDC 2011

Apple have something they have not done before, issued a press release with the information they will be at WWDC 2011, June 6th marks present.

According to the release of Steve Jobs will take part in the inauguration, with his usual team of Apple executives. The main functions are icloud include a system based cloud storage music IOS 5 following update for the iPhone or iPod touch / / iPad device OSX and Leo.

Here is the press release:


Munich, 31 CaliforniaMay 2011Apple CEO Steve Jobs and a team of Apple executives kick off the company annual Worldwide Developers Conference ( WWDC) with a keynote speech on Monday, June 6 at 10.00 keynote, Apple will unveil its next generation of software – Lion, the eighth album major Mac OS X; iOS 5, the next version of Apple System mobile operating the most advanced, which feeds the IPAD, iPhone and iPod touch, and Apple coming icloud provides cloud.

WWDC will be more than 100 technical sessions presented by Apple engineers. Mac developers see and learn how to develop world class applications, Mac OS X with the latest technology and expertise of the Lion. Mobile developers will be able, latest innovations and features of IOS explore and learn how to do a much better functionality, performance and design their applications. All developers can make their code to the labs and work with Apple engineers.

For more details, see the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Website atdeveloper.apple.com 2011 / WWDC.

Apple Mac designs, the best PC in the world, the Mac OS X, iLife, iWork and software professionals. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPod and iTunes online store. Apple invented the phone again with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and recently introduced iPad 2, which is defining the future of mobile media and computer equipment.

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Jailbreak hack that turns your iPad 3G into a iPhone Coming Soon!

now sees impressive! A group of hackers broke iphone Islam, called a tweak that makes your essential PhoneItiPad IPAD 3G in a phone full of features, including phone calls and text messages to create.

No additional hardware is required to execute the change. There is no ETA for the release of rigor, but they say it will “very soon”. The developers have released the video with proof of their current version of the hack: class

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NowStream: Stream Torrent Files to your iPhone/iPod Touch – Coming Soon!

A very interesting new application is called in the work of IOS devices NowStream allowing users to play torrent files on their iPhone or iPod Touch.


There is no ETA for the application, but developers have this video showing the published application. Check it out:

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Cydle brings live TV to your iPhone

Cydle will finally get FCC approval for its product i30 digital TV brings you live your smartphone. The cradle for the first time at CES was last year, including a rechargeable battery and it takes the signal itreceivesfrom antennas via wifi on your iPhone.

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