What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak for iphone

The world “Jailbreak” is giving first impression like someone is a prisoner and breaking the jail bars. Well, it is very simple to understand what iPhone jailbreak is. In iOS prospect, the prisoner is the user and the jail bars are the restrictions or limits in using the apps.

Now let me explain in more easy words. There are lots of applications in a new purchased iPhone which allows limited access to the user. Now doing jailbreak, it removes all those types of limits. Many Smart Phone, tablets and game console makers include a layer of Digital Rights Management (DRM) software on their products. It works either to limit the software you can run on iOS or for some security reasons. Doing Jailbreak, you can, in other words, bypass the DRM restrictions and can run unauthorized software’s.

unlimited i apps

The word unauthorized is confusing. Isn’t it? Well there are two types of apps which can run on iOS. First one is those which are preinstalled and available in iStore. Second is that which are not available, but can run after avoiding DRM limits. The main difference is that apple will claim only those issues, which occur during the usage of the apps which are preinstalled. The second option with jailbreak apps, apple will never claim if any harm or malware found while downloading or running unlimited access to the apps. Simply, unauthorized does not mean that such apps can not run on your device. They can run, but they are not from the approved apple source. They are from a third party for which apple does not allow user for security and privacy reasons.

By doing jailbreak, the warranty which is available to the consumer will be void and user can not claim for anything after jailbreak.

Unlock paid apps

There are two types of apps available in apple store. Paid or free. You can use free apps easily by installing them. There might be, in fact surely, some apps which restricts the user to have a limited access over them like demo versions, limited access to levels, limited features or downloading, etc. By downloading the paid version for the same app from apple store, you can have full access to that app. Now the question is that what is the role of jailbreak here? There are almost all versions of all paid apps available for free by doing jailbreak your iDevice. When an app comes to apple store having the paid tag, the jailbreak developers launch its jailbreak version which you can easily and freely get after doing jailbreak to your iDevice. With this jailbreaking system, you can download and access applications and games that are unavailable on the official app store.


Jailbreak opens the new paths to customize the iDevice in the form of user’s usage and requirements. You can change the layout, themes, font sizes and styles and many things more which you can not do in nonjailbreak device.

There is a great mess between the iPhone developers and the jailbreak developers. As the new version of iOS arrives in the market, the jailbreak developers mobilize and start working to launch the jailbreak version. This is a cat and mouse game which never ends. Let’s see who wins…

Word Solitaire HD: Classic Solitaire game but with letters!

Word Solitaire

HD used the same concept as the classic card game of solitaire, but labeled cards instead of numbers. Users must hold a rotation, and move cards to create words and score points. Users can progress at other levels once all cards have been discovered and used all the letters were provided. Word Solitaire HD includes additional features of wildcards that are needed to represent any letter. Users also have the option card, just install without burning everywhere.

Benefits: This is a big word, is easy to use and very addictive. It is reminiscent of the classic card game Solitaire, and thus most users are already familiar with the basic rules of the game, but this tutorial is provided very useful for first time users, because the additional functions of nature, hot sun and the functioning of these points. The fast playback option for filling time and the game automatically saved, allowing users to play their final ideal position.

Disadvantages: Although Word Solitaire HD is a big word application, they could not compete with other popular word games with Scrabble and Word Abacus allowing the user to create shorter words instead of actually difficult, long word boundary. This may be the user must simply try to earn their cards, rather than eliminate words score at Scrabble. Even the background music could be improved, because it can be very annoying when playing. A big advantage of playing on a IPAD is viewing and interacting with games on the big screen and so the layout of the cards could also be improved, as currently presented only on the right side of the screen .

The iPhone 5 Experiment: iPhone Fan Camps Out Until The Launch In London!

Here in jailbreak for iphone we ​​all love our iPhones. This is natural and a bit of work. However, a fan of the iPhone things a step further and implement a social media experience in which he played in London for the launch of Apple iPhone fifth catchhe Theres one can not spend money. Companies sponsoring the project to provide gifts for all travel, equipment, food etc, so not one cent, while in central London is camping facilities. Shoesmith jailbreak for iphone with Rob, the former bin man, the beginning of one of the most unique experiences of social media in recent years is taken.

>: Hi Rob, thank you to discuss with us, you’re too busy to get ready! Tell us a little about yourself and how you’re an application developer

Rob Shoesmith: bin I have a husband, former’m now works as a marketing and public relations executive an app called MEDL Developers Mobile a few years ago I came across an application called incubator App on AppStore. Users of this free app have the opportunity to present MEDL phone with ideas for iPhone applications;. If they like the idea, develop and share a percentage of profits

So I put an application called problem half solved, one of the first applications should be developed. I created all my own press on the problem halved, which was introduced worldwide. Mobile MEDL were really press coverage, I generated and it offered me a part-time jobs to other applications for fruit and promote Blast Boxhead impressed. The good news is that I am now in a position close to the container and working full time for MEDL Mobile!

jailbreak for iphone: Sounds like a dream! So this experience that you have planned

Rob Shoesmith: Remove The iPhone 5 experience I will travel to London and camping outside the Apple Store Regent Street in advance of the iPhone Release Date 5. There is a rule in the experiment: I can not get money for nothing! All travel, camping equipment, clothes, gadgets, food and entertainment by the participating companies.

must be given jailbreak for iphone

: Wow! Sounds good! As the answer was?

Rob Shoesmith: Well, so far the response has been incredible. I even fancy restaurants deliver meals to my tent with a free personal trainer, orchestra and a mobile hairdresser. The experiment was wild!

jailbreak for iphone: It seems so amazing and fun. What do you think has to do this?

Rob Shoesmith: a Apple’s attraction, a powerful media and marketing, I thought it would be cool to camp outside the Apple Store online of the Apple’s influence? I would like to see the type of companies that piggyback on the marketing of Apple gear.

I press too many days of Apple and they are events in themselves, that the Nice meeting and connecting with other people online, a common interest

. My house is like Christmas with the amount of product companies and PR were friends were sending me. It would be so funny and ironic to live a luxurious life outside the Apple store.

jailbreak for iphone: Ha ha, and food waste is certainly a good Christmas gifts. So what are your goals with this project?

Rob Shoesmith: It will be great network with people in the industry and I am sure I have a lot of media and PR connections on the way to my new role to help generate.

also one of my goals, to see how far can this experience. The wild and wacky best. The beauty of what I do is I see a free hand, as experience developed in the coming months.

jailbreak for iphone: Do you have anything before

Shoesmith Rob: I’m in line for Apple products have waited outside for up to 4 hours. According to the show business and media in what I am in the camp for days, weeks or months to prepare!

I blog live outside the Apple store, other Apple fans should give an overview of the whole camping experience for the iPhone.

jailbreak for iphone: Do you have something similar in the pipeline

Rob Shoesmith: I have a few other attempts to start with Apple, including an attempt to world record I on the work trip in USAbut I for now I’m just focusing on the iPhone 5 Experience in London.

jailbreak for iphone: Phew! Looks like you’re a busy man! Ok, to make it easier, a bitwhat is your favorite iPhone application?

Rob Shoesmith: Of course I will issue my own application halved, allowing people the opportunity to raise a question about something and let the community come and help where. problem halved such an impact on my life and was the catalyst to change my life for the better.

Other applications include press as I Twitter and blog, which I am using this experience.

jailbreak for iphone: amazing stuff! Well, thank you for Rob brings us and remember to pick you up a cup of cocoa if you start your session camping! rob@medlmobile.com

Rob followed by 5 iPhone experience on his blog or if you want a company that wants to get involved in the project, then e-mail him, or tweet @ shoesmith81 him a call on +44 ( 0) 7969812324.

jailbreak for iphone camping experience will be updating and posting on our Facebook page!

8 Very Impressive Photographs Taken With an iPhone

Was recently a contest on the Facebook page to see jailbreak for iphone , which our readers could shoot the most impressive with their iPhone. The competition was tough and at the end we went with Buel Chandler impressive image of a couple in a truck stuck in the mud bog, which made the environment was very impressive. However, we also got some very close runner to win Buel, if we realized that we share with you so that you rate and comment. So here is very impressive 8 photos were taken with an iPhone!

Washington was first in the twilight

Ivan Sciupacs beautiful image of Washington DC taken with the iPhone App Pro and HDR is really impressive, with incredible tones and shades of the clouds, check out our how to write great photos to the iPhone more company information, how to get the perfect shot.


Rocking Out with war paint

Julie Molloy captured with the rock group of girls at Tripod in Dublin Warpaint, which looks like Hipstamatic wash back to the photo.

third Baby Face

Catlins Carol cute shot of her daughter walking in the park is required to melt a few hearts! Discover our 10 iPhone Apps Great for new parents for advice on how you use your iPhone to enhance your parents!

fourth Very Good!

Elizabeth Milligan had to enjoy their holiday in Paris when she saw several sites as beautiful as stained glass dome! If you are an avid hiker, read our Top 10 iPhone apps for advice on good travel using your iPhone overseas.

fifth Burnt Out

This was my most of the collection, I went past a pub in London when a car suddenly caught fire! The driver got out and ran away, sit the rest of us just take pictures and watchand. (I Hipstamatic to get the image back-tempered, by the way!)

sixth St. Thomas Sunset

Kevin Shannon saw a spectacular sunset in St. Thomas with a single cloud formation high in the sky.

seventh Muddy Winners

Buel Chandler shot two trucks in the mud all other pipped at the post and gave him a brand new iPhone 4 fall in the value of $ 79.99. If you want, just go in some cases, cool and useful for iPhone is available in our accessories.

eighth Family Values ​​

Necklaces Tracey beautiful picture will certainly warm the heart every time you look!

for two months with our competition, and get free promotional code for applications, good advice on the iPhone and the name of anything IPAD and a community that is very passionate iPhones then join our Facebook page and knows to be the next winner!

5 Ways To Leave Your Lover With Your iPhone

relationships arent always easy and sometimes you have to call only a daybut how? You do not want a farewell tears, or screaming at a row that the cushion cover to do escape and leave a message on your pillow ex-lover, hopefully for the better? Paul Simon has informed us that 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, in his hymn kitsch, but the poignancy of lost love and treat the best way to deal with the consequences. Paul now thinks we inclination of 50 ways to leave our fans, but we can think of 5 good use (perhaps because we werent international pop-rock stars in the 70 and 80 and can only blas about who we bump and dump) announced the iPhone and its applications to your lover in style!

Let the first song goodbye

For each lovesick romantic is that for your novel, you want to download music from document, you have convicted a pin beautiful little song, why your love was running out and write them with four tracks, a request of great music, the essential characteristics of a recording studio on your iPhone. Indulgent guitar solos one

Read the entire post to save four runs and you start humming melodies from this solitude!

2 Record a video of you Cheating On Them

exactly the opposite of writing a love song and record it would be good in the Gentleman, a video on iMovie provide you with someone else. Shame and recommend in any way, but it will guarantee a quick end to the relationship. Especially if its with her sister.

Read the full post iMovie 4 What is the best Apps iPhone, you dirty dog ​​you.


third thus appropriate, they are intimidated and let

Studies have shown that couples often go to men of the same level of attractiveness as themselves. So if you have some points by working with our partners iFitness then certainly begins to feel inferior, and perhaps begin to run after someone, how uncomfortable that every time the refrigerator door is not open. Cruel, but effective.

Read the full post iFitness and pump guns and expand your horizons!


fourth so big they are intimidated and let

The alternative method is to get in shape to form discourage you, as ugly as your partner with you survived. Pile on the pounds with applications such as how to cook and wait for your lover, you just bounce out the door!

Check out the Top 10 iPhone Apps for food and drinks

5 Hop on a plane and get the hell Out Of It !!!

The nuclear option. When is enough, and the sight of your partner no longer be the best thing to do is get the hell out of Dodge. Use TripAdvisor secretly planning your escape route, then spinning in the middle of the night, ready for the life you’ve always wanted to start!


Top 10 iPhone apps for travel good advice to flee the country.

I guess Paul Simon more than 50 ways to escape his groupies, he peddled the torch ballad series monogamous search in the 80’s!


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