Can An iPhone App Help Beat Hay Fever?

weve been with amazing weather! The sun is in the sky, oh my, oh my, why we do not want to be anywhere else? Fine young men and women sunbathing in the park, sharing pitchers of sangria and plays the kind of games that can be enjoyed in the sun (yes, that means you ultimately Frizbee). But not all fun and games. If you suffer from hay fever, the onset of summer may be the dawn of a nightmare, packed with sneezing, rashes and swollen eyes, which means you do not like sunny delight that your friends are on the run.

So that’s why Clarityne is new updates from the App Pollen forecast as good news for fans of the iPhone. Last year saw the launch of the application, augmented reality pollen spores and practical advice for dealing with such complaints, the update now includes information on allergies Winter, a store locator shows where you get your hands on Clarityne, your fight hay fever and allergies and an allergy to see the calendar where you may be vulnerable to other allergens during the year.

On / Off with hay fever (more than offset, unfortunately), the thought of looking for an iPhone application, the battle of piercing eyes and sneezing constantly as a gift from heaven seemed so could help I thought why not put it on the test?

The idea of ​​a football match in the park, as was used only began to fill me with a feeling of anxiety, not because Im rubbish at football, (peace with that), but due to most games, I’d still coughing and sneezing, totally unable to perform my duties as a midfielder and removing more relegated to the water carrier to perform. However, armed with my trusty iPhone app and pollen forecasts, I tentatively agreed to a match with my friends on weekends and be on the verge of finding all the information I need to hope to survive the game.

The new features are very useful when you find your nearest store to try to buy tablets for hay fever, go for those of you, for tablets non-brand, you can always use Google Maps for Superdrug (where cheapskates!). As shown increased pollen spores reality, pollen was high enough, and I started to find the tablets before kickoff, check the boards to treat symptoms while obvious enough, but having a good reminder to help as before. The timing of allergy is also very useful because it lists such as pollens and yew Hazel for several months!, If you influence you more, then you can be better prepared


Armed a box Clarityne we started the game and I must say it was a relief not having to keep a number of tissues in his pocket for the entire game. The game itself is an exciting 8-8 draw, (the highest score is incredibly low ground and my time as a goalie), but all that mattered was that I must watch no match, as if the last I cried. (I’m not a bad loser!) All in all a great success for pollen forecasts Clarityne App!

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