Burn the Rope adds Daily Puzzle feature to both paid and free version

Big Blue Bubble is pleased to announce that owners of the rope to burn the IOS can now announce a new puzzle every day. Players can log in every day to see a new challenge. In addition, Burn the Rope fans are invited to submit ideas for developing original puzzle as a puzzle of the day.

absolutely unique game feature was introduced in the 1.3 update of the game is now available to all users. Each day, players burn the rope for the iPhone will receive a new puzzle to play. That’s right – no new content being developed by the users! New version of the free version, we are also pleased to announce that “Burn the Rope Lite” is an opportunity at all levels in the original game to win for free!

Create your own levels:
Who made a drawing of the puzzle has a chance to brag a free T-shirt, and win eternal admiration Wickman, if their puzzle is selected to provide a real play level. A puzzle will be selected each day, so there is much chance of winning. Submit a puzzle become one of the first winners! can

“Puzzle of the Day aims to provide users more control over the nature of the measures they prefer. With the ability to design and evaluate their own levels of players and create an experience they do not know not what we think they want. “said Dave Kerr, a designer of the rope burn.” Also, they get a ton of new levels to solve! “

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