Buddy Rush: Cross Platform Rushing

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/ div> Sat Buddy do, where do I begin? This game is the perfect combination of comedy and magic of comic action. Buddy Rush combines IPAD, iPhone and Facebook, to give you a whole new level of accessibility (as you have an IOS device, and have a Facebook account).

The game allows you to send a little sign to create the experience you’ll have countless adventures. The game has a leveling quest based, and each level you get in a position to make your character skills for further details.

Each quest is 3 times, after the hard-mode version is available for its completion. This tougher monsters in exchange for more experience.

The game is a success because of the fact that you’re able to pop for 5 minutes to complete some quests and holidays. Theres no need for you tirelessly for hours to perform the same quests. Developers also have a function that requires rest after three quests introduced. Youre stamina bar to reload, and then you can back into the desert to face your enemies.

The game combines humor and adventure, and you must fly a fantasy world Oblin and huge green caterpillar is safe for Facebook to connect the name of this app, otherwise the fireballs arent goin anywhere.

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