Breaking News! iPhoneAppCafe Launches First iPhone App That Lets You Talk To God!

jailbreak for iphone

have their first custom iPhone application that can speak directly to the user with God released. The free app is called iGodYou available for download from the Apple Store and iPhone fans have the chance of an agreement for five minutes with the Big Man himself. Early reports show mixed reactions users, some customers iGodYou left feeling a little underwhelmed with the brief conversation they were granted with the Almighty, since so many questions unanswered.


By working with the Skype call is free and has a minimum of delay or static, despite the distance between the two iPhones with several million light years away. Due to high demand for the application and the growing popularity of iGodYou God for comment was not, but his staff sent out a press release wish everyone a happy jailbreak for iphone first reading April .

iGodYou download, click here!

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