Bear Grylls – Bear Essentials: Just You (And Your iPhone) Against Nature!

Bear Essentials is a functional application and background for people who say” their survival / div> Mon People often than their iPhone is a rescue device, helps you find your way from A to B work, commuting and general support from other urban activities. But with Bear Grylls strong brand Bear Essentials, you can literally save your life from your iPhone.

the event, although unlikely that you’re suddenly in a scenario of Bear Grylls being stranded on a mountain or in a jungle, or shipwrecked on a desert island, this software provides essential tips to survive in these situations.

only offer video and interactive graphics, there are a variety of survival information very useful if you want to refer to you. At the end of each section, you see, there is also a quiz to test your knowledge of survival, granted, you will not pass the Council to hunt snakes and making fire with flint and sticks, but its good to be prepared. Essential for the more adventurous iPhone owners.

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