Babychange: Putting the UK’s Baby Changing Rooms on the Map

HMS Belfast seems to have changing rooms.

Wed Before I was a baby, I must be able to finish and leave the house within five minutes.

I dared to the local shopping center with our newborn, but I had to prepare for half past one. I have not only to feed the baby and dressed, I had the diaper bag of extra clothes, diapers and baby wipes pack, set up the car and wait for the bus schedules. And then, just when I open the door, I realized that I should change our babies need diapers while we were gone, I had no idea where they go.

I guess there was a changing area anywhere in the city, but it was not something I had really given much attention before having a child of my own. Thus, aware that I did not want to miss the bus, I turned to Google and search for a site that would be changing rooms in or around the list of the mall. I could not find one. But now, four months later Ive found an application.

Designed by Axon Publishing to the NCT charity allowing parents to use baby Exchange mothers in the United Kingdom and fathers, their next baby is changing. It is based on your GPS phone function of your position on a Google map with pins green and yellow that the facilities in your area.

When I opened the program yesterday morning, there were only two or three pins in the vicinity. This marked Nandos or places like Debenhams: the type of stores in the chain, where each branch has a cloakroom. As a mother of four months, I already knew about the facilities and much more. The strength of this application is that it allows parents, I submit these additional sites us.

So, if the baby and I wanted to, and yesterday I added a bit more in a local theater and play CAF indicating their email address, a note of hygiene and whether they used the ID again. They were then on the map as Bernstein (request confirmation) pins.

He is not a perfect system. My mobile Internet is notoriously slow, and there seems to be no indication of the application that its data are processed. As such, during the 20 minutes I managed to add the same place three times. There is no way for me to remove the additional entries, but developers say that if two people click on bad data, then it will disappear. Im not sure how many other people around me are using the application, but I think those extra pins are hanging around for a while.

Theres no way a comment on your model. This meant that I left in a position to know that other parents in the cloakroom of cinema was not using, for example, theyd need a movie ticket.

Despite its flaws, this is a free application that first put forward more valuable as more people evaluate and use the facilities in their area. Id encourage all new parents in the United Kingdom who attempt. I can not ever be able to leave the house in five minutes, but with the information about changing rooms on my phone means less a concern when I head out the door and can not be good.

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