Appular Releases Highly Anticipated Universal Update for Push Panic

Appular announces the latest update for their intoxicating color matching puzzle game, push the panic created iPad fully compatible with the shift to a universal application, as well as numerous other changes. With a top-25 app from 2010 by Metacritic, Push Panic leads 25 new levels, a new system designed to direct classification and new unlockable achievements to users by the Game Center.

Push Panic presents challenges in four intensive action-packed game modes players have explosive combinations of color code by creating groups pushing boxes off the screen in front of the busy squares, the handle red bar reach. Random power-ups are links to several multipliers color number of channels, time freezes, bombs, and by combining a block arrow pushing the rod handle, when players need a quick break.

Add to add the spirit of competition, eight new achievements for players to work because they can get 75 gold medals, while the opponents to upgrade. Push Panic now offers a completely rebuilt the classification and integration with Twitter, now allows users with faster loading times and push for the world ranking of life.

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