Apple’s 10 Billionth App Download Paper Glider Returns with Bombs

Paper Glider attack is the latest game iPhone Games Neon, launched the UK mobile games studio to life. This game is based on the original paper gliders, high cards in the free world when it was announced by Apple’s App Store is the th 10000000000 Download.

The idea is simple. Players in a city full of skyscrapers in a slide bomber aircraft. As the plane flies back and forth across the screen, still below each time the objective is to bomb the buildings before crashing down to destroy it. players tap the screen to drop a bomb. The simple controls allow players to focus on the experience of the game Paper glider bombers used the same cartoon style glider’s own original paper that fans have come to love. Players must accurately and efficiently to make the most of their 10 limited by crossing bombing. The game grows defiantly in the higher levels later with skyscrapers, and the inclusion of hospitals. Deleting a bomb in a hospital loses player 1000 points.

additional bombs from the Bomb Shop back in the game or the purchase of coins (IPA), the currency in the game to win. The shop sells missiles to bomb, cluster bombs, construction and Buster A-bombs. Parts can also unlock custom questions glider glider shop, like a pink camouflage and flame gliders, airplanes, decorated with the flags of the eight most important countries. Players can also obtain the documents free download applications on supply TapJoy the wall.

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