AppDictions Votes Tactival Nav Best App Review of March And Drives Sales


, review service app, which is owned and operated by CR Digital Design, Inc., a marketing company in New Jersey announced Friday that its employees with the best tactical Nav App Review in March 2011 and has helped sales.

In this review, 5-star Tactival Appdictions Nav said “The opportunity for civilians to military quality tools is very rare, but that’s exactly what you get with Tactical Nav.”

by Captain U.S. Army, the service application rich functionality LBS has created much more than simple navigation. It uses the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) to map locations, resulting in directions very accurate and reliable, well-located, enabling you to share your location, or waypoint accurately.

Sat Nav tactic is the same camera to a more effective instrument by using stamps, time and place on images. There’s even a compass, a blocking function, a user one-button-Night and many more. The soldiers appreciate the capabilities it enables them to track enemy locations, call air strike or a fire artillery directly. Civilians who love to walk outside, these valuable tools to monitor a track, your steps while hiking, and be sure to go back to your car.

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