Angry Birds vs. Tiny Wings – Battle Of The Flying iPhone Games

With over 100 million downloads worldwide, has seen birds evil as if they had boosted the market on iPhone games, birds sailing on our screens presented Enge. Then Tiny Wings came.

invented App developer Andreas Illing has an iPhone game so easy that you play with one finger, thumb, toe or a substantial part of the body as you wanted, all you need do is touch screen when the wings bird was descending to gain momentum and let go just before starting upstream, so that your bird to realize his dream of flying, despite his, uh, small wings . As you hop from island to island final challenges such as collecting and touch the clouds, so you can chip and boosters assumes that the speed of the bird on the road, which is useful as the game revolves around a battle against the setting sun, once the dark matter, the game is over. The soundtrack is a children’s synthesized melody over and over again that somehow does not irritate you, and is played at random tweets and twittering noises.

broch in contempt report with the birds angry mass, it appears that one part Tiny Wings somewhat simplistic and only the depth of the progress through different levels facing thieves pigs with a number qualified for feathered friends, birds of a boomerang Soaring Eagle, this may be true, but small wings not an element of intrigue and suspense that draws the user’s missing is any chance of achieving Island, which was just beyond their reach for the last game included. But when it comes to user satisfaction gameplay, and hilarious birds just noise, angry birds licked.

The possibility of a rocket in a shed feathers start flying pig and watch Traber Angry Bird detonates a nuclear egg, all the time on the bus to work a few shots (no pun intendedhonestly) instead. Striking the application developer Rovio regular updating of these themes with the latest edition Ham Em High levels of pigs in cowboy hats, it would be something very special bird in anger instead of its head.

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