An iPhone App For A Dog’s Charity? Are You Barking Mad?!

Most people think you’re on the wrong track, if you think this tree has a virtual dog hit on the iPhone, but mobile Twentysix digital marketing agency that you have with Dogs Trust, and the agency Charity of the largest dog welfare iMutt a fantastic application that iPhone users are incredibly nice virtual dog rescue tend to five days, including his regular walks, feeding, care and usually your new best friend as happy as possible to help find a new home!


with Mobile Director Phil Mundy for a discussion about anything doggy madness

jailbreak for iphone: Hi Phil, thank you for meeting us. iMutt seems like a wonderful thing, well done! So when you start to develop mobile applications fun!

Phil Mundy. Well, we seemed to develop mobile game developer since 2005, so applications to both natural evolution and a great opportunity

>: > Tell us about the / em iMutt / em> from the start date to today . Phil Mundy p>. We went to the Dogs Trust, the largest charity welfare UKs dog, and approached them with some ideas on promoting its brand and reputation through the use of applications

jailbreak for iphone: What is your favorite application that Mobile has developed

Phil Mundy: so it generates a lot of discussion about this, and really polarized opinions 1M downloads within 6-12 months and everyone had an opinion. We also had the opportunity to create a number of very talented people from different creative industries work this convergence is a very dynamic.

jailbreak for iphone /> What do you advise budding App Developer


? Phil Mundy is much work to test an application on art, programming, sound, graphics, marketing, design, creation. The list is long. Do not be afraid to reach and build teams. The world if full of people who want to be part of something creative, and you can achieve so much by society.

jailbreak for iphone: Tell us what you think use of iPhone applications in the field of love is much room for him

Phil Mundy: Some aid agencies have a challenge to engage with younger audiences. Apps should be performed efficiently and with this demographic. But as a warning, applications must add value. They present an opportunity to educate, and to pursue an interactive experience. The App Store is like a jungle, and charitable organizations “received no special treatment of users, so that their applications must be so convincing as a commercial alternative

jailbreak for iphone. Tell me few highlights during your journey to a successful application developers

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which is a good boy, then?>

/ p> Phil Mundy: p

  • Get App Store No. 1 with iHobo
  • <. li> Getting rave reviews for Flight Frenzy on the Android Market Place

  • relief every time we see happening in this application ready to be sold by Apple
  • gets good reviews its always good to know!, people like our work
  • jailbreak for iphone: be What are the main challenges that Mobile has faced was

    Phil Mundy: <.. / Strong> It is always difficult to be an independent developer technology evolves rapidly, from different versions of IOS on new equipment, the market is full of developers, so we have to quality, creativity, and whenever we spend working on a project
    jailbreak for iphone . what the future holds for iMutt > / p

    Phil Mundy: in the U.S. States and around the world launch There are plenty of appetite for a version Android … And of course iMutt 2 Do you have plans / p>

    Phil? Mundy: We were recently by another major charity has asked for help to reach and engage with
    app jailbreak for iphone Tell us something. another to hear the fans interested jailbreak for iphone,

    Phil Mundy . We have just started football icon is one of the most original takes on football hit the App Store check it out

    jailbreak for iphone: for you talk to Phil and look good with all of your Do-Gooding

    iMutt download and helping Dogs Trust

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