AirBeam 1.0 released for iOS – High Quality Realtime Video Surveillance

AirBEAM developed, high-quality video in real-time streaming software from independent development studio iOS AppoLogics is now in the App Store. Universal application for iPhone, iPod and streams iPad incredibly high quality video at resolutions up to 640 × 480 pixels and up to 30 frames per second between several iDevices on a WiFi network.

technology effectively in real-time video encoding reduces the delay between the camera and monitor equipment to a minimum. AirBEAM possible applications are very diverse. can simultaneously from a close watch on a video monitor for babies up iPhone / iPod as a first person view camera mounted in the toy remote control

AirBEAM on a number of devices and allows flexible multi camera and multi-monitor configurations. Several cameras can be monitored on one monitor and one camera can be transmitted simultaneously on multiple monitors. AirBEAM also supports video recording quality, and remote access to recorded video via a browser. Particular attention was also paid to usability. AirBEAM devices discover each other on a network automatically, completely unnecessary any manual configuration.

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