Acrosync LLC releases the first and only rsync client for iOS

Acrosync LLC has recently published and updated Acrosync, the first client and rsync to IP in the App Store. With Acrosync, you can simply install the files from all computers that rsync (including most Mac / Linux desktop), have your IOS device and sync. No USB cable is required. No software installation server. Not need physical access to remote computers.

Once the files have been transferred, you can open it anytime and anywhere, if you have a network connection is integrated with a powerful document viewer Acrosync. If you have access to a remote server, as they were by most universities and businesses, or a VPS or dedicated server you have, you can synchronize Acrosync all files on your remote home directory of your IOS devices.

* A simple and intuitive interface that offers a superior browsing experience Multimedia
* Supports and many types of documents, such as music, photography, film, TXT, HTML , PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Pages, Numbers and many other
* Re-synchronization is very efficient, since only new files and content are transmitted last through br * File transfer is guaranteed by> the state of encryption algorithms iPhone News

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