A Social Networking App for You, Your Neighbors and Anyone Around You


index calculation, LLC is pleased to announce its recent release of 1.0 bar, an iPhone application card based social networking for you, your neighbors and everyone around you preach. This simple and easy to use social networking application helps you to other chapters and report immediately to discover, share and organize with your neighbors or strangers know about you, all without their phone number or e-mail ID. This is an area of ​​ice-breaker, a bulletin board, cork board, a cutie – for, by and about your neighborhood. Did you calculate the index today?

restaurant was designed to be your day to go to any application to start from the ad that you lost your cat, or find a carpool to announce a location for street cleaning volunteers to take a free sofa on Sunday improvised connection with a bar, share your tattoo to post the location of a Girl Scout cookie, the publication of a session / meet-up day.

It is as simple as that. An application for you, and around you, and all these simple things in life. Free download locally on your iPhone, iPod touch, or during his iPad.

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