8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Own An iPhone

If you read this, stop now. You have an iPhone site that has clearly lost his mind and tells you why you fell on the article itself, it is so clearly obsessed should not. Up is down, black is white, left and right, right is wrong, the world has gone mad! But as you’re still here, we look at the 8 main reasons why you should not need an iPhone.

first signal is terrible

What? Yes, I take you to the Apple Store! The Apple Store! With the App! Yes, I look back at Apple, Ive my iPho it? I can not heating, no, I can not heating, does not hear me! F *% k it, ill just keep the damn thing! If this conversation is reminiscient of all the conversations you have encountered due to poor signal strength of the iPhone can, you have our full sympathy. In some parts of the country, you’d better off with a pigeon.

2 Everybody in the world has an iPhone and newer than yours!

OMG, you did, oh again, you have one already. And it is a newer model. How am I yesterday? iPhones are so prevalent in society today there are more fresh and have an alternative to an old Nokia;. Moreover, they are obsolete so quickly that you might as well put the iPhone 2000

third iPhones crash ALWAYS

Why app-games are really addictive, when the screen falls only on the last level p ?!!!

fourth Android is soooo much cheaper than the iPhone

With the time you’ve bought the last model, it has insured and equipped it with the latest accessories, not to mention always a plan for payment of the premium so that you leave all your friends how cool you are calls by SMS and WAP that you bought on Android phones 6000000000. And they are pretty similar anyway.

sixth surplus in the event of damage, an iPhone is $ 1,000,000

Or something like that.

seventh Are you a PC, did you install iTunes is a pain in the ass

Ok, so you’ve bitten the bullet and decided to venture put on Apple for all mobility needs, but you keep your PC after all whens never let you down? Do not worry, but an iPhone running on the system, you must install iTunes. Yep, no longer listen to your music via Windows Media Player, iTunes or its not for you sir, and you know what? You’re gonna lose that Tori Amos B-side collection in the switch. (Solution:. Get a Mac, loser)

eighth Theres No Flash support on iPhone

Oh, this is the last straw. According to Apple, the age of mobile devices for low-power touch interfaces and open Web standards in all areas where flash use is too short. Will not be visible on your iPhone and iPad flashing animated banner on a website in Safari, or play embedded videos on sites like YouTube and Facebook without jumping to the application site, which is a royal pain. Ironically, Flash banners jailbreak for iphones can be viewed on iPhones. Steve Jobs, sometimes, just sometimes, you can get a little too big for your boots!

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