7 Ultimate Kate Moss iPhone Apps

The name of Kate Moss has rarely made headlines over the past decade, either because of the controversy over her weight, diet counseling was risky (nothing tastes as well as thin-esteem, classical !) on suspicion of drug abuse or questionable taste for rock stars. However, it is one of the world’s leading supermodels and they simply would not do for them to be like other mortals, so we can allow a little drama from time to time. Thus, in devotion to the queen of the catwalk, Kate Moss, here are 7 essential iPhone apps.

first Hipstamatic: Retro-Soaked Cool vintage photographs –

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Sat, the first rule of global superstar in the world, this model should never be far from a camera, not an individual that every photo you take is like an instant classic. You do not have his Kate Moss unbearably cool in vintage, retro wet snatches, that its rules apply

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iSwap two faces: Hilarious Facebook App transformation –

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Wed Some days you wake up and you just want to look like someone else, well now you can (sort of) with iSwap faces! The iPhone application allows you to exchange faces in a picture with that of another person in the picture. So if you’re lucky enough to get a close-up shot of Kate Moss, so you can keep your head on the body! (Warning: We do not, I repeat not promote the game of a celebrity just from a picture photoshop paparazzi, OK.?)

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third TopShop: A shopping center app for the iPhone –

Former Ambassador TopShop Kate Moss has launched fantastic range of clothing, which can each girl in the street, and even glam look as cool as Kate (well, almost). Thus, by application TopShop for the iPhone, you can begin to maintain direct contact with the store, its innovative range of clothing design and updated with the latest fashion.

fourth TweetDeck: The Ultimate Social Networking App –  
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<p> Some of the obligation to be a supermodel super is that you have your fans and followers around the world update. Theres no better software for doing so, the API, an iPhone and Twitter iPad you can manage a Facebook account in a new style column presented. The next time the tabloids want to tarnish your reputation, do it first! </P> Read the full review of TweetDeck. </P><br />
<h3> fifth Celebrity Make Up Looks: Be your idol! –   </h3>
<p> If you become the next pop icon, then you need to borrow (steal) from popular culture to create your look. Lady Gaga has established an enviable career this, so theres nothing stopping you from copying celebrities most elegant. There are step by step instructional videos of some of the world leaders inspired, meaning that you wear your makeup like the best of the best. (Nb Kate Moss is in this function app, but rather strongly worded e-mails to all developers, we can change things!) </P> Zippo Lighter virtual<br />
<h3> sixth: Got A Light? –   </h3>
<p> As an avid smoker, Kate Moss recently made headlines of lighting on the bridge, say what you like about it, but rock and roll attitude can keep her crown as queen of cool. If you want a fun and safe (not to mention practically useless), type of lighting, you get the Zippo virtual lighter that ignites the screen of your iPhone </P> Read
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<h3> seventh Kate Moss: Addicted To Love –  src =  </h3>
<p> Finally, an iPhone application that was completely dedicated to Kate Moss for yourself! An unauthorized biography hit the shelves (or screen!), Promises, all about his exciting career and a life of incredible stories to tell. No cheap at $  15, but a must for any fan of Kate Moss </P> On the list of other celebrities, check out Best iPhone Apps iPhone <strong> 5 Charlie Sheen </strong> </p>
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