6 Most Controversial iPhone Apps

In my concept paper several months ago on 5 Apps unacceptable that will never exist, I decided, as you travel applications that are already out shocking and frightening the masses. Naturally, many of them were quickly removed from the App Store, but the fact that all applications have existed in the following list at a given time is a little dark, saying Apple’s proof that there is ” App. ‘

Exodus International

first “gay cure” App

Exodus: It seems that Jesus is a solution for literally everything, even something no longer considered a problem in this day and age a


Tue recently removed from the App Store, offers therapy spotted Exodus “for those” freedom of homosexuality “. On the basis of God knows what (get it?), the group says that homosexuality is a” multi-causal problem of development “is to imagine that the” healing power of Jesus. ” be healed

While Exodus has recently been on the App Store for about 150,000 people applied against them fired, so in fairness, seems like a well-designed application. For those who are distant enough from reality to believe that Jesus to heal their sexuality, there’s a menu where you can browse news, concerts and movies. There is a section devoted to tips for students, and you can even donate to the cause. It is surprising and disturbing to be blind, the good intentions of Christian sects.

2 Me So Holy.

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never had Jesus, Mohammed or any other religion A-lister? Now you can, if you have a jailbroken phone.

Wed application developed by a church that homosexuals wounded, an application that people will be affected by all major religious beliefs. Me So Holy You can select a picture, a large number of religious symbols, and replace her face with you, yes you are a religious icon for you!

Of course, the irreverent nature of this app, it never made it to the App Store, and the inevitable return of hard-line Muslims would not be very happy seeing the body with Muhammad head of some silly smile posted on Facebook. Me So Holy can be obtained free on Cydia. I am not encouraging people to phone in their application jailbreak blasphemous, but it’s certainly an option for you all pagans and infidels.


Find Sex Offenders Free

sex offenders free search: You can track dissidents to walk among us

How it happened, according to current views on the “Top Paid Apps” list to the store that this concept is ingenious indeed! Find sex offenders is free! the exact addresses of your local side “sites and even shows the details of their crimes. After all, if your neighbor has a pedo, you have the right to know, right? Well, questionable, but now you can anyway.

fourth iSnort

A drug surprisingly well developed simulator. Does it make sense, but not less .

sitting in an outbreak, the party of drugs and have no power to offer social incentives? Now that you have iSnort not worry, because you are taking these medicines an infinite range of cocaine digital rack, and share what a way to become popular, right


jailbroken phones only Cydia can be purchased for the iSnort 5. Since the (apparently) on a single line is the real stuff, it seems like a very good deal. iSnort The fact surprisingly good use of touch technology on the pile of powder digital true that they cut with a map and sniffed by a note. Irony aside, it is the One application unconscious in existence.

fifth I Am Rich

I Am Rich. The fact that some people bought really makes me cry

Wed glory of our individualistic society, some people buy things just to see how dirty they are stinking rich, and I can make you rich. The tag price is 599.99 not a joke, as have at least found a few people outside their detriment. All this gives you a soft pearl color with a bright red mantra that says: “I am rich, I deserve it, I’m good, healthy and prosperous” (in other words, I’m an asshole).

I find it strange

surprising that some people have actually purchased this app, and not all requested refunds, the developer suddenly seems like a very intelligent man. Because of idiots who bought accidentally App indignation and General conservative folk, I am no longer Rich. But his short time on the App Store revealed disturbing that there are people who are willing to literally throwing money are.

sixth Baby Shaker

Who would have thought that a baby with red eyes His cross, I would be so much outrage? I suspect it is thinking ahead and …


My Ever wondered what it would be like shaking a baby to death? No, nor I (honestly), but for a short time there was an application that you have it. The game is obviously huge and it was quickly removed from the App Store, but I must admit that the sheer stridency was pretty fun.

The application itself is, frankly, crap and patients waiting for an accurate representation in all shaking a baby would be disappointed. Baby Shaker simply shows sketches of babies accompanied by their actions. Shake your iPhone a bit, and two red crosses appear on the eyes, move to the next baby. Hardly shocking in itself, but it suggests that only a disease concept can go a long way to go.

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