5 Ways To Leave Your Lover With Your iPhone

relationships arent always easy and sometimes you have to call only a daybut how? You do not want a farewell tears, or screaming at a row that the cushion cover to do escape and leave a message on your pillow ex-lover, hopefully for the better? Paul Simon has informed us that 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover, in his hymn kitsch, but the poignancy of lost love and treat the best way to deal with the consequences. Paul now thinks we inclination of 50 ways to leave our fans, but we can think of 5 good use (perhaps because we werent international pop-rock stars in the 70 and 80 and can only blas about who we bump and dump) announced the iPhone and its applications to your lover in style!

Let the first song goodbye

For each lovesick romantic is that for your novel, you want to download music from document, you have convicted a pin beautiful little song, why your love was running out and write them with four tracks, a request of great music, the essential characteristics of a recording studio on your iPhone. Indulgent guitar solos one

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2 Record a video of you Cheating On Them

exactly the opposite of writing a love song and record it would be good in the Gentleman, a video on iMovie provide you with someone else. Shame and recommend in any way, but it will guarantee a quick end to the relationship. Especially if its with her sister.

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third thus appropriate, they are intimidated and let

Studies have shown that couples often go to men of the same level of attractiveness as themselves. So if you have some points by working with our partners iFitness then certainly begins to feel inferior, and perhaps begin to run after someone, how uncomfortable that every time the refrigerator door is not open. Cruel, but effective.

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fourth so big they are intimidated and let

The alternative method is to get in shape to form discourage you, as ugly as your partner with you survived. Pile on the pounds with applications such as how to cook and wait for your lover, you just bounce out the door!

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5 Hop on a plane and get the hell Out Of It !!!

The nuclear option. When is enough, and the sight of your partner no longer be the best thing to do is get the hell out of Dodge. Use TripAdvisor secretly planning your escape route, then spinning in the middle of the night, ready for the life you’ve always wanted to start!


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I guess Paul Simon more than 50 ways to escape his groupies, he peddled the torch ballad series monogamous search in the 80’s!


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