5 Most Ridiculous iPhone Apps Ever

The iPhone is one of the most important technological inventions of the century. So, I said. But like every great invention (escalators, television, the pill), there will be some side effects (obesity, How I Met Your Mother , Chlamydia) is the fact that someone with half a brain now develop an iPhone application means that the market risk, with applications increasingly absurd little effect other than to invite people to use Blackberry is flooded switch. So here is a list of warning 5 applications for the iPhone the most ridiculous of all time!

1st National Threat Advisory free , Released: August 5, 2008 , Version: Daniel Eisner : 1.0 , seller

” Welcome to a new kind of tension throughout the country, where everything is not meant to be correct …” p

Wed Marked paranoia in the heart of every single citizen has reduced the Price of this application for free recently to ensure that all Americans know when not to leave her home and keep an eye out for suspicious characters. With a barometer National Threat Level low depending on the potential severity of a terrorist attack, has applied for the best example of closing the barn door after the horse has bolted. Hil-frickin-arious.

2nd helpme Free , Release Date: August 4, 2008 , Version: 1.0 , Place: Matthew Chartier

style = P <=" wp-caption-text "> three numbers too many to remember about him is? Two of them are the same

My case of terrorist attack, (and remember, just because you’re paranoid does not mean they are next to you), you can have need medical help. helpme dial the emergency number three (yes, it’s true 9 and 1, then 1) for you directly to the emergency services operator who is probably a little bored when taking fourth call of the day because you refused to iPhone. If this application on your home screen (which increases the chances of accidentally pressing it) to hold, it is more work to conform and choose to find the three points. If there is an emergency, just dial the number!

3rd Pull My Finger – 0, $ 99 Updated: January 4, 2009, current version: 1.0.1 , Place: Mike Bouchard

innovation have made us to ….

Mon, if you combined a finger on the screen, pull applications, your pet iPhone. Future versions promise a more variety of pet sounds. It’s certainly not what Steve Jobs had in mind when he began designing one of the greatest technological inventions of the century

4 Kiss Me Through The Phone – $ 1.99 , updated : April 6, 2009 , Latest version: 1.1 , Place: EpicTilt

A positive element of social networks is that you and members of the opposite sex, flirting with them interact, and eventually they can take a date. Let me repeat that last part: they meet for a date. Call me old, but when I met a girl on Facebook we beat them to, I wouldnt want our first kiss, physically realized on my iPhone. Kiss Me Through The Phone loads an image of your brother to your iPhone by pressing the button and Kiss, then asks for a kiss on screen system and send it to your virtual lover. The only guest on the Apple Web site that is more than 1 star a guy named BloodyGuts thinking This application is totally worth $ 2! Once I realized that you can resize and rotate while it is 10 x better! I want this application to kiss my iPhone (no homo). which I think says it all.

5th iGirls – $ 0.99 , updated : December 15, 2010 Latest version: 2.5 , Place: Resistance Productions, LLC

Oh God, my God.

The My kind of man who prefers screen kiss of its iPhone, instead of a real girl would actually probably quite like iGirls, you can control a 3D model of the beautiful women, where they carry all types of acts (no, not that kind of action, seriously guys!) imply that no nudity or bad words. Words fail me.

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