5 Most Recommended iPhone Apps in April

Today, even a brief overview of some of our favorite applications, which were presented in April. These applications, it became apparent early graphics and some of them were very popular and recommended iPhoneaAppcafe.com. The Apps Top-derivatives and is based in the greater number of actions Facebook. So here we go with last month recommended dilapidated iPhone Apps:

fifth Baby Change – Developer: Axon Publishing, Published: April 7, 2011 Price: Free

This application can be very practical and ideal particularly delicate situations where parents have to change your baby’s diaper. Developed by Axon Publishing to the charity NCT ​​allows parents to use baby Exchange mothers in the United Kingdom and fathers on their facilities available nearby room change. It is based on your GPS phone function of your position on a Google map with pins green and yellow that the facilities in your area.

fourth Samurai Girl – Developer:: CJ Internet Released: April 21, 2011 Price: 1,79 alt = src =

This is a story girl-power and participation of women shows. Developers have received in the variety of characters and backgrounds at the fair. Youll have you made your way through the worlds of work breathtaking, with over 50 quests and 16 bosses to get the bad Delta-M. It’s more than just another RPG. There is a minimum time walk in search of clues and a lot of quick action to keep you excited for more than the average.

third Spin documentation – Developer: Richard Burton for Touch Play, Released: March 14, 2011 Price: $ 0.99 src src =

spin documentary is a fun game, a reflection of light that you can play anywhere, like on the playground, lift, a cafe. This application supports traditional Sudoku puzzles and tweaks they appeal to many players. Instead of each issue to fill every row and column space, all you have to go around a few sets of numbers or colors or symbols or letters to find the solution. The game selects the spin group;. All you have to do is how revolutions are needed

2 Tappi Bear Pack All in 1 Developer 2: Taplay.com Fai Wong Hong, Released: March 9, 2011, Price = 0 , 59 png

touting its cute characters and animations, Tappi Bear will probably all end up in 1 to your favorite application. This program will give you a quick diversion from the stress. This is ideal for people who are not in the game with this strategic game in progress because it is very easy to play too. You can select these games available:

Tap Tap Spring: left and right touch to your door-on-a-pogo-stick jumping from platform to platform. Earn combos and earn bonus Donuts, but are currently on the board.
Rainbow Band: lead an orchestra of colorful birds, using the numbers above their heads in the right order. Including, it may seem easy, but often find their desperate struggle for the next issue before time runs out.

Tappi Bubble: target using Tappi Bear and shoot bubbles to the other descending from the top of the screen. causes Connecting three or more bubbles of the same color, they disappear.

Donut Fever: Serve Donut impatient different shapes, styles and trim icing on the needs of your customers. If you disappoint these three hungry bears, its game over.

Tap Tap Kick: In this game Keepy-uppy Bears Tappi. Tap on the football field to ensure it stays in the air, and again, press the donuts for bonus points.

first iVideoCamera – Developer: Laan Consulting Corp., Released: March 8, 2011 Price: 0,59 src =

If unexpected moments in the life you want to save and share, this application is your best friend the best quality sound and video quality. The application allows you to record from first contact to start if you do not have to worry about missing any. Just to make sure you have enough space on your iPhone and use of high / low resolution functionality, which could accelerate the download and transfer times. This is a fantastic visual characteristic, because it offers added effects that belong to your recordings, all for free! Some favorites are the effects of falling snow effect, shine, heat and water, live breaking news banners and tickers on the screen that can be individually adapted to the videotape.

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