5 Free iPhone Apps To Keep You Entertained

So on Monday morning

rolled again and brings with it the prospect of another week before we all slave away to relax on weekends. It seems you need something to keep you entertained in the meantime, here are 5 iPhone apps that does exactly that!

1st PhotoChop Free Update: June 9, 2010 Current Version: 1.20 Vendor: Pinger, Inc., 5.3

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Mon, if you know what would be your friend if he wants to see chased by a bear, then PhotoChop is the program for you. You can view your images PhotoChop so your face on the body of a muscular unit, or kissed by a hot model by the size of all your photos, you can even put you and your friends in the middle of a safari with a voracious appetite Tiger behind you!

2nd DJ-Mixer 3 – Free, Updated: January 30, 2011, current version: 3.4, Seller: MusicSoft Art, 5.4

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life and soul of his own party that you can mix your favorite title changes on the request bit of fun Your iPhone into a number of bridges. DJ-Mixer launches iPhone music collection with tracks free Adam Freeland, Bassnectar, steel Fisher PENTyRAID and others, with the possibility of more free music that resembles a helmet in 1999, his

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more music, click here.

3rd Age Calculator Free day: March 23, 2011 , the current version: 2.1, Seller: Rise Up! Labs, 3 / 5

We have all the time …

you ever wondered How old are you? Age calculator you can work out exactly how many seconds you and your friends have been on this earth, and also tell you how many days before your next birthday is known for the rental of your friends when you start saving for a perfect gift! A fun little application to kill some time.

Timwi 4 Free, Updated: July 20, 2010, Version: 1.3, Seller: Timothy J. Peckham , 5.3

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Wed Timwi is a great little application that offers more than 200 cartoons funny little the screen of your iPhone, the sardonic wit to slapstick comedy is fantastic app Timwi always laugh at your coffee break. Moreover, no one should know you’re a fan of comic

Free, Updated: 11 February 2011 Current Version: 1.81, Vendor: Backflip Studios, 05/05

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Do not let your boss catch you with that! be

Wed prepared OK, because this game deprive you of your productivity, creativity, time spent with family and friends, and finally , allow a homeless, unemployed, jabbering wreckin other words, its big! See how far you stand from the trash and take your notes in twisted, throw your fishing fans and air vents that could get rid of your path to compensate. Can be seen playing in the Dole queue in the world

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