5 Essential Apps That Every Entrepreneur Should Have

We are in the midst of a revolution of the Internet on the other hand, your life is on your phone you have your pet, Facebook profiles, and even sell your Nan seems to have their own website Knitwear . You already have an online business or you can wait for one of the millions of exploding with a body of an idea. Sir Richard Branson, said never behind ideas, business opportunities, such as buses, theres always another coming. Make sure you go bus in the right direction with the iPhone apps that every man, woman or child who has the perspective of entrepreneurs.

1.Google Mobile App Updated: January 10, 2011 Developer: Price Mobile: Free

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connection with Google

/ div> Wed While Apple is the undisputed king of new technology, Google is the king of the compound. No man is an island and a company linked to development is essential. This is the free Google App package is very convenient for all budding entrepreneurs start with a limited budget. With a Google Account and the Google, you’ll never have a second of your contacts, customers or business partners to plan.
What you get:

  • Gmail: the undisputed king of e-mail providers
  • Google Calendar through your Gmail account and is perfect for souvenirs and implementation dates
  • Google Docs & Spreadsheets .. so that all relevant documents, work in PDF format from the perspective go
  • Google Talk: Google’s answer to Skype allows you, your contacts, video, connect VoIP calls for talks immediate and Google Chat
  • Google Reader / Buzz / Google tasks. Google Reader allows you to track important issues relating to your company or your competitors keywords. You can then share with Buzz and comment this information with a group of associates, and finally work on a Google agenda, how to adapt to what is happening around you the advantage that Veni, Vidi, Vici.
  • The App Google offers much more, but this is just an appetizer for what is better a critical application, and all for free.

    2.Omnifocus Updated: February 24, 2011, Developer: The Omni Group, Price: 11,99

    / div> There are many applications that are fun, many applications that are moderately useful, but only very few who literally live the way your life is. OmniFocus is a pocket-sized personal tool professional task with miniature PDA in your pocket and if it is properly used the most important asset in your arsenal. The app has won the Best “iPhone Application of productivity in 2008 and has since gained the strength to testify, despite its price on its 4 / 5 stars on iTunes has increased from 873 reviewers is a long history. In short, is a must for all entrepreneurs that app to be as productive as possible, while continuing a life and its features justify the price would be. By categorizing and updating tasks designed in a transparent system reminders of events, image storage and best of all with the iPhone location awareness tool you know what to do has to where you are. The application offers much more with the lean, because they can help turn ideas into action on the page check OmniFocus on iTunes and turns dreams into reality. get

    3.Dictamus Dictate and send updated: November 10, 2010, Developer: JOTOMI GmbH, Prices : 5.99

    dictation with Dictamus

    life goes fast, too fast, and our brain can not hold that many, if you have an idea, a sort minute thats where business Dictamus Dictate and send comes in. The application can be used for any important meeting brainstorming, a fleeting thought that if you think you could million and is a powerful tool when it comes storage and shaping your ideas about. What we will Dictamus currently dictating the most accurate tool for the iPhone interface simple and easy to stock options, including the option to send all important e-mail. It also allows users to record, edit new and rewind your recordings at any time during the process of dictation and has a recording function activated beautiful voice resulting reductions in silence and immediately once you start talking again. If we con Dictamus is its price, at £ 5.99, it is one of the most expensive tools dictate the App Store. However, if you want an ideal tool to monitor small details you can not continue with Dictamus

    false 4.BAM Pro Analytics Updated: 18. November, 2010 Manufacturer: Blast Advanced Media, Price: 1.19

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    / div> Mon, if you’re an entrepreneur, you know how important it is online, and the monitoring, maintenance and alteration of your website is a dietary basis for success. Google Analytics has not the iPhone, but until they are launched, we have a fantastic BAM Analytics Pro does the job perfectly. This application has all the features you find in your Google Analytics account and allows you to keep track of whats selling, what is driving or lost in a traffic jam, objectives, trends and many more visitors during the conduct. You do not have an online business, then look at Oracle Business Indicators application you an overview of real-time business from scratch for free

    5.Facebook Updated: 19 December 2010 Developer:. Free Twitter: March 9, 2011, developers Twitter Inc Price:. Free http://www.jailbreakforiphone”


    he likes it or not Zuckerberg and Dorsey have, how we live our lives and the attack the social media revolution is not far changed in the foreseeable future. This site may also tools of big business and a great way to communicate and receive constructive feedback from your customers, establish new contacts and know what is socially on the agenda of your business, as is the case . Download free applications, and hiking the social wave your millions. If you are a business or have no idea of ​​social media is an excellent place to start, these indicators of sites that people want.

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