5 Best iPhone Apps For Wasting Your Time

iPhones are a valuable tool in today’s world of fast access to media, social networking and 24 / 7 news in the world available in the world. They are also a very effective unit of time, if you wait for the bus, stuck in an elevator or simply sitting in your room, there are several hours can be wasted typing on its small screen. So we decided to compile a list of 5 essential iPhone apps for wasting your time.

1.Facebook – The Ultimate Social Networking App

free Updated: December 19, 2010, Seller: Facebook, 5.5

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Take time to meet friends …

It requires only one word to describe it. Official. It’s official Facebook application for iPhone and there is officially no better way to show your time as a check-out pictures of your friends last night that you had with them a loss! This app is basically the mini version of what you get if you were on the computer, you can consult your state zip phone numbers, send messages to comment, and “how”. The only thing you can not play games is Facebook;! Probably a good thing, otherwise you would never

back to reality

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2nd Book Eaters Toss-time in the world, unite!

free update: 11 February 2011 Current Version: 1.81, Vendor: Backflip Studios, 5.5

Ready, Set, Flick!

Some people may feel a bit like Paper Toss 2008, but the fact that the developers nor the release of new levels for 2010 is now testament to their attractiveness. The premise is that you dispose of waste paper in a container with a fan powered by accident flight. Paper Toss tiered, and global public display, but its simple gameplay fingers slide that is a classic of all time is liberating.

TonePad 3 – Create unique ringtones for your iPhone music in seconds

Updated free,: January 7, 2010 Current Version: 1.21 Vendor: LoftLab , 5.4

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Making music is difficult. You must first purchase an instrument, you should learn. TonePad with the free application and learning is as easy as touching the screen. It also lets you create music unique and musically defunct ringtones for the iPhone in seconds. Have a great melody and you can save it for download later, you can upload to the Internet for others at a later date. If you prefer, you can download saved by chance someone elses audio content. In the Pro version (0.59) you can even use your creations as ringtones. Do not worry about the purchase of, first, if all you can in the free version to be worn to create.

Read the full post TonePad.

4 TVUPlayer TV on your iPhone! Jay Shen, 5.4

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What is on the box?

Theres nothing like a waste of time to see the box, well now you can do, wherever you are! TVU networks during 1000 channels worldwide directly to your iPhone if you have a Wi-Fi or 3G are connected. Available in several languages, provides TVUPlayer show that youll never miss anything if you’re a fan of television, this application is a must

. Celebrity Faceoff

5 PopSugar Whos more famous?

$ 0.99 Updated: December 14, 2009, current version: 1.2 Vendor: Sugar Inc

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If you’re worried, they have already won.

One of the more innocent time applications, but equally attractive to a faceoff Celebrity PopSugar way that eternal question troubling mankind since years to answer: who is better known, Angelina Jolie or Megan Fox? An offshoot of the celebrity news Web site PopSugar, Celebrity Faceoff see tests your knowledge of celebrity, where stars are currently basking in the spotlight and begins to fade. You can also judge Whos More Fab? by pitting celebrities against each other dress sense. There will never be another waste of time and become addicted to this app.

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