5 Best Charlie Sheen iPhone Apps

For fans of film and TV star Charlie Sheen has the last 6 months have been rather eventful ride. is triggered after her role in plum NBCS Two and half men, in which he plays a slightly watered down version of himself, he made a one-man rampage against anything remotely ordinary, has declared himself a murderer The Tiger Vatican Adonis has blood and DNA. Incredibly, after his interview with legendary ????, he tested negative for alcohol or drug use and leaves no doubt in our mind that it’s actually all on its own volition and not influenced by drugs. It was the first person to 1,000,000 followers to achieve in record time, breaking time and a fantastic slogan coined # WIN describe his antics in a private jet to fly him and his line changing, friends (or goddesses, as he calls them), some porn stars who disagree with him? So, in honor of the murderer of the Vatican itself, here are the 5 best iPhone apps are Charlie Sheen winner!

first # WIN – Developer: Mention LLC Mobile Updated to: April 11, 2011 Price: Free now. For a limited time! Src = “http://www.jailbreakforiphone.com/wp-content/images/546b0_Iphone_Apps_5rate.png”

If an interview if his erratic behavoiur suspected by him could be bi-polar explained, he replied that was bi-victory! Seriously, it’s television gold. In all cases, the words of a mobile application that all your images with the sentence, it’s day # WIN developed. Draw a hot chick? You are a winner. Around the world flight on a private jet? Certainly win. Successfully re-negotiate your contract for 3 million per episode to the previous $ 2 million to get the contrast? You win. You enjoy the Vatican assassins.

Read the entire article to gain.

2 #

Win with Charlie Sheen – Free, Developer: Software LLC Qbikal day: April 23, 2011 =”

This software lets you take Charlie Sheen in his pocket. Well, not literally, it would be dangerous given the amount of cigarettes, it gets in a day, but you can hear his campaign slogans at the touch of a button. In addition to the now legendary In man standing bi-winner and Ive Tiger blood, he was heard to growl, I die a drug whose name Charlie Sheen, disabled people, because if you try it once, then melt your face and cry your children will explode on your body, I sleep now, I wait and my favorite was the fact I run to Sinatra, Flynn, look like Jagger Richards all just, you know, eyes drooping children without arms . Its free. Download it now. I mean, right now.

The third

Masheen – Price: $ 2.99 Updated: April 26, 2011, Seller: Aubrey Anderson

As a self-proclaimed sorcerer who knows the most dangerous side of life, Charlie Sheen made his own iPhone application, the leaders of Vatican Assassins possible by his own life with the spirit of a winner. The request to share the spirit of Charlie Sheen is in the bag for the price of $ 2.99, hopes are obviously very high. Although the content does the app actually keeping its promises, while Charlie Sheen Fan usual staggering $ 3 for the public spirit torpedoes (essentially a list of his most famous quotes), Fast Balls of truth, which show very short sequences of Great pass his wisdom in interviews and Magik Tiger is the principle of the magic 8-ball, which is activated every time you shake your iPhone, putting your fate in the hands of the master himself sorcerer. What could go wrong?

fourth Charlie Sheen Audio – Price: $ 1.19 Updated: May 3, 2011, Seller: Galen Wollenberg

This is essentially the # same chance to win with Charlie Sheen soundboard, but it works with some interesting cartoons come from the Vatican Assassin. You can also use this application to the IPAD, so you can see his profile caricature of a larger screen. To be honest, you might as well use the free application, if you were a special affinity for his face that he understood.

Twitter fifth free update: March 31, 2011, Seller: Twitter Inc

Follow Charlie Sheen at http: / / twitter.com / # / Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Twitter world record for the anchoring of more than 1 million faithful erupted in less than 2 ½ days, his words can advice and daily updates often with his own tag WIN # preceded by the guarantee following his high-level positions to get mentions in his audience eats. With a new stand up show to promote, not all have ads that mention their tweets, somebody else starts thinking that the joke might not be on this? After all, named Justin Bieber win as the most influential man on planetnow thats #!

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