2no7 Releases PlayMeNext the Ultimate Party App for iOS

2no7 Creations announces PlayMeNext 1.2 for IOS, an update on the innovative application combines music and photos with a multi-user experience. A typical situation may be used in PlayMeNext is filled at a party where you set up a player with your favorite music and connect to your sound system. Customers of the individual can then use the same application on the players and the songs of appeal and the necessary steps to join the list of titles, without interrupting or losing any music playlists.

The other main feature is the Photo Wall PlayMeNext where you can take pictures and share them with a comment. The photos are stored on the drive and immediately visible to all visitors to download. To make it even more fun than you can connect the player to a TV or projector and you’ll be a slideshow with pictures have gone to live. You can also automatically upload photos to Facebook and Flickr, receipt, or you can do it later if you want pictures of the first report.

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