20 Very Cool iPhone Apps For Free

should not be such a thing as a free lunch, but there are literally thousands of free applications that are just as good or better than what you pay for! But the whole process of downloading any application you like, to see that this is not a waste of time and simply take up space on your iPhone a lot of fun. So we decided to compile a list of 20 cool iPhone apps that are completely free. Here you go!

first last.fm: Discover new music for free, Manufacturer: Last.fm src =

Last.fm makes the job control the Internet for you. The idea is similar to the Music Genome Project: Create your own radio station with a group like you already have, and they will play music that sounds the same extent. But beyond playing music, Last.fm will also indicate whether this group is currently touring as you want (and if so, where and when), the songs you’ve heard the last time (useful if you have been zoned and suddenly remember the name of a really good song they played three songs live) and music stations, they recommend based on your preferences.

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2 Adobe Photoshop Express

free developer: Adobe Systems Incorporated

Sometimes, you’ll capture the golden fleece, and later, you’ll find your photos and write that there is indeed an olive-colored bronzey. If you go back to it? No! He just photoshop!

Use this tool to crop, straighten, rotate, flip, exposure, saturation, hue, black and white, and soft-focus, is to perfect your image.


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third API – Developer: Iain Dodsworth, TweetDeck Inc., Price: Free  
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<p> Twitter may have its own application, but have played this game Tweetdeck Inc. much longer. Tweetdeck has an innovative style of the displayed columns. With your finger left or right, you’re in a position to each view column, which includes all those who are down for you all. TweetDeck is not limited to Twitter, with Facebook integration lets you view and create your own friends, status updates. This app is more like a social dashboard with easy access to all your boyfriends worlds. </P> Read the full review of TweetDeck. </P><br />
<h3> fourth NinJump – Free, a seller Backflip Studios   </h3>
<p> NinJump pulls the incredible value of being incredibly simple and elegant. You control a ninja is a gap between two buildings, and various obstacles by jumping spin between the walls to avoid. If you are a ninja star, squirrels or birds during your jump hit, you get power-ups, speed to heaven to stay temporarily. If you’re hit while on the wall, you die and the game continues and you’ll start again with you because it’s just so damn moreish. </P> Read the Top 10 free games for iPhone in 2010. </P> How<br />
<h3> fifth Howcast.com videos developer: Howcast Media, Inc., Price: Free   </h3>
<p> How many times this happened to you: you are on the street, and always responds College shady street musician and asks how you do on the insurance pet like a frog in origami, or how to buy a Northern Oriole identify on a walk. Of course! These are everyday events for us all. Well, now you can prepare yourself for most of life’s challenges is puzzling. How to fix your leaky faucet. How do I know when you’re bored (hint: it may or may not make videos, how to know if you’re boring). How balloon animals. How to clean after a party, hold your parents know. </P> Read the full post videos on how to Howcast.com. </P><br />
<h3> sixth Viber free, Viber Media Inc.   </h3>
<p> This software can give you hundreds of pounds in phone bills over coming years. In essence, Viber Skype for mobile phones, because you can talk to everyone in the world (assuming they are participants Viber and you both have an Internet connection or wireless), as long as you want free. Just search for it on your contact list and press the call button Viber which connect via the network Viber. For those of you worried about going over your allowance data, simply connect to Wi-Fi and the call is totally free and without obligation! Unlike Skype, you can compare people with their phone numbers on their e-mails, which is another bonus, as opposed to research. </P> Read 5
<p> incredibly useful iPhone Apps for Free. </P><br />
<h3> seventh allrecipes.com dinner Spinner – Free   </h3>
<p> This app you cook delicious meals in no time. Narrow Dinner Spinner what you choose from thousands of recipes and the selection of your meal by ingredient, type of kitchen or kitchen, if you end up corresponding to the court. </P> Read 10 could replace the iPhone Apps your girlfriend. </P><br />
<h3> eighth Dictation Dragon – Free, Developer: Nuance Communications  <img src = >

Have you thought your secretary enter your own text messages for you on the road? Now you can all that and they wont talk back, ask for coffee breaks or personal calls on your phone! It’s Dragon Dictation 2.0 for the iPhone.

dictation software is more cumbersome, slow, mistakes of the past. Although one can not expect to phrases like Dragon globigerina infiltrate the correct spelling is a fantastic job with a simple and direct language. It’s just perfect for SMS, e-mails or update your Facebook profile.

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ninth Around me: – Free, Developer: Marco pifferi 
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<p> Tweakersoft AroundMe application uses GPS to iPhone and Google Maps will allow you to services and businesses in a particular field. You can use your current location as a starting point, or enter an alternative city a lot if you are planning a trip away from home. </P> Read the full post about me. </P><br />
<h3> 10th Paper Toss – Free, a seller Backflip Studios   </h3>
<p> Some people may think Paper Toss a little 2008, but the fact that the developers nor the release of new levels for 2010 is now a testament to their attractiveness. The premise is that you dispose of waste paper in a container with a fan powered by accident flight. Paper Toss tiered, and global public display, but its simple gameplay fingers slide that is a classic of all time is liberating. </P> Read 5
<p> Free iPhone Apps entertainment. </P><br />
<h3> Flick Football 11 – Play Free Neon   </h3>
<p> Soccer fans and football, because now the finger is also sent to or better than David Beckham. Score free kicks and Bend it like Beckham with a simple finger movement. This game is incredibly addictive and contains four exciting game modes, 21 achievements, and leaderboards. </P> Read 3
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<h3> Instagram 12 – With Burbn Inc., Free  <img src = style = P <=" wp-caption-text "> Superstar DJs, here we go


the life and soul of his own party that you can mix your favorite title changes on this fun little application that your iPhone into a number of bridges. DJ-Mixer launches iPhone music collection with tracks free Adam Freeland, Bassnectar, steel Fisher PENTyRAID and others, with the possibility of more free music with a headset like 1999, its

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15th Evernote – Free, Developer: Evernote

If you are a businessman or just a poser, only made the Evernote things much easier. In the past, take note of any kind we had on our iPhones, work and personal computers and other equipment was really a pain in the neck, because there was nothing synchronize! He had to either copy data between devices to keep notes or other mental, and sometimes things were really disorganized. Evernote This all changes. The most popular application notes is a must to organize music and is considered one of the most important applications for users in all areas of life considered.

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eBay Mobile – Developer: eBay Inc., Price free

You are an active member of eBay? The application then eBay should definitely be on your list of iPhone apps most useful. From your iPhone, you’ll have access to most controls such as eBay listing and selling a few ideas. You may also the operations of the application that the purchase and the nomination on you some points. In addition, the implementation of a messaging service that allow you to continue to communicate with their friends. The app offers a website where you can find your eBay page, the page and finally sealing the access settings page, where you can customize the application.

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17th Fart Cushion – Free, a seller TMSOFT src = “http://www.jailbreakforiphone.com/wp-content/images/46463_Iphone_Apps_badge_appstore-sm.gif”  
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<p> There are few things funnier than when someone breaks wind inappropriate for the effect a comic fart at the wrong time transcends age, race and sex and people from all walks of life in stitches have, wherever you are. Well, now you can use, performance comedy simulated in an iPhone application with the familiar sound of a cushion fart fart noise as one of a poor, unsuspecting debt victimand best of all, it’s free! </P> Read 5
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<h3> Get TripIt – Developer: TripIt Inc., Price: Free  <img src = jailbreakforiphone.com / a>