20+ awesome/must-have jailbroken apps/hacks/mods for iOS/iPhone 4

== THIS VIDEO IS OLD! == Check out my new video showing 26 cool iOS 4.3.1 tweaks for the jailbreak that just came out on April 3, 2011! www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com Jailbreaking has come a long way. While iOS 4 somewhat eliminates the need to jailbreak (a little bit), it’s still something that’s cool and fun to do. There are a lot of very useful jailbroken mods and hacks to get. This video briefly covers over 20 of them. Some of the mods covered in the video: + LockInfo + Tap To Unlock + AT&T Carrier Logo for iPhone 4 + qTweeter + SBSettings + Activator + SpringFlash + biteSMS + DisplayRecorder + DisplayOut + WinterBoard + iFile + Installous + My3G + MyWi 4.0 + n64iphone + psx4all + Reminder + StatusNotifier + SysInfoPlus + MobileTerminal Follow me on Twitter: twitter.com Visit us on the web: gumballtech.com

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