15 Most Hilarious Auto Corrects Gone Wrong

Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! It is a day of fun, let in some hilarious text conversations happening to the iPhone people … automatic correction of the iPhone may be a blessing and a curse. If you can be a hard day and need to rush to a brief message to your boss why you are late, then the text input does not work correctly. However, if you try a new lover and your iPhone automatically woo the word if you ask them if anyone else what they eat, which could lead to an embarrassing text chat! Damn you AutoCorrect some of the funniest car has Corrects improperly from around the world, here are 15 that we found the funniest


First Family Matters

2 Do Not Disturb “3

Lunch Break

fourth Good chemistry

It Runs in the fifth

the Family

sixth Holy Shit!

seventh Stabby Stabby

eighth Mothers Little Helper

ninth Not PC, Xbox Game

10th Top Drawer

11 P Diddy

Start young

12 13

Question of Taste

14th Wrap It Up

15th Night Lucky Dad

Special thanks to the car Damn Right!

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