100 Best iPhone Apps Ever Part 2 – Entertainment Apps

31st allrecipes.com dinner Spinner: Teaches you how to: no

This app you cook delicious meals in no time. Narrow Dinner Spinner what you choose from thousands of recipes and the selection of your meal by ingredient, type of kitchen or kitchen, if you end up corresponding to the court.

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32nd BBC News – music, multimedia Technologies Limited

Get the latest news

the BBC and our global network of journalists. The stories are categorized as Top Stories, UK news, world news, politics, economics, technology, and organized sports. The application offers the BBC News Channel broadcast live, social functions and customization, so you relate to new categories based on your interests.

33rd eHarmony – # 1 trusted online dating site for singles without Manufacturer: eHarmony, Inc.

/ p> love is there, and eHarmony, you can find it. eHarmony, the # 1 trusted site dating has helped singles find love deep and meaningful for more than 10 years. Unlike other dating sites, where a large photo is all that matters, not online dating eHarmony to the next level, taking into account factors such as personality traits, interests, values ​​and beliefs. And are based on games like the only place in the singles category in-depth scientific research, says our success for themselves. About 5% of marriages in the United States begins to eHarmony!

34th Facebook free, Manufacturer: Facebook

/ p> <> One word to describe. Official. It’s official Facebook application for iPhone. This practice dandy, it is easy to stay in touch with your friends. This application is a mini-version of what you get if you were on the computer. You can do your status, appearance, phone numbers, send messages to comment, etc. The only thing you do, can not play Facebook. Facebook for iPhone is free.


Top 10 iPhone apps for Facebook.

35th square-free, Manufacturer: Naveen Selvadurai

help explore the square world around you. Stay connected with friends, get insider tips and unblock secure discounts and premiums. When you travel, you can easily see where you’re friends share photos, get their comments (“I’m just around the corner, I’ll stop by to say hello”), and get insider tips (” Order the lobster ravioli is the best dish by far) .. Tons of places offer discounts and gifts at the base of users, and earn points and badges for doing things you love.

36th four tracks designed by Sonoma Wire Works, 5.99

<> > / p call to all musicians! Each composer or songwriter has certainly saved endless midnight recordings using the voice memo application. A verse here is like a melody, some good and some that are good at 4 o’clock in the morning, after a few drinks, but in the cold light of day seemed like a wailing cat that was thrown on a guitar. But with four titles, you can now start to create entire tracks on your iPhone. Take one verse, then create a melody or a vocal line on top, bring their ideas together and give their compositions more depth.

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37th Gorillacam: Take great photos

Not everything Apple touches turns to gold, and to Gorillacam is an excellent example of the work of another better. It adds a number of parameters, which would have included in the offer from Apple, including a retardant, anti-shake, movement, spirit level (for photos plan reception), and a burst mode three strokes. The best feature, however, the unlimited mode rapid fire that you will be continuous until the area of ​​space to 1.6 frames per second. The entire application is also free.


How Great photos-5 iPhone Apps Review

38th Hipstamatic Developer: Synthetic Infatuation. Price 1.19

> Have you ever wondered if the photographers really an eye for the perfect shot or they have have created a beautiful photo just by using the right equipment? Well, that problem by downloading the application Hipstamatic that lets you take pictures in the style of old cameras Hipstamatic so that grain can be allowed to answer, fuzzy, but still impressive to feel any photo you choose component snap.

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iBook without 39th, Manufacturer: iBook

/ p> is a well-designed application, the user to build a library of electronic books and PDF files, it keeps it organized enough licensed on a digital shelf. The presentation was made on the eyes, and thousands of books purchased from the same protection as their paper counterparts. IBook unfortunately not the social function of a real library, where you house-guests through strategic intellectual texts and poems placed at eye level while the countries of the novels of Dan Brown and Bear Grylls Survival Guide the bottom shelves to impress. But it is a sacrifice that has made it necessary to embrace the digital readout.

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40th iFitness: Your New Workout Buddy! Price 1.19

/ p> iFitness soft, you can now all benefit from a personal trainer without the pressure constant or the exorbitant price. iFitness is the ultimate application performance with a detailed list of exercises for each body area, with a detailed representation of the human body to match your work any muscle group is to enhance what you want. It also provides a complete list of routines and programs based on your goals, for example, packaging basketball routine tire budding stars, the best exercises work shows at certain times of the season to optimize their site for courts. There are also more regular routines, such as swimmers, runners and football programs, with routines that help you lose weight, strengthen your abdominal muscles and even your butt!

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41st ISpy cameras developed by SKJM LLC, 0.59

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42nd iVideoCamera Developer: Laan Consulting Corp., Price: 0.59

Life is full of unexpected and unplanned moments that we all face. The key is to capture these moments and once again, our beloved iPhone and using iVideoCamera App. IVideoCamera documents and recorded these great moments and turns them into memories that you can save and share with others.

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43rd Kindle: Here you can read your favorite books without

With more than 630,000 books on sale in the Kindle Store, including recent and best developers, and new releases, this application provides a new source for reading your favorite novels, traveling or while at home.

A drawback of the application, is there a market already flooded with several similar applications available, it struggles slightly to differentiate themselves in a highly competitive market. But with additional features such eccentric Amazon Whispersync that automatically synchronizes the last page you read, and bookmarks, notes and underlines, through various platforms, including the IPAD, iPhone and iPod touch, you still able to take from where you left off, whatever device you read.

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44th last.fm: Discover new music for free, Manufacturer: Last.fm

Last.fm makes the job of monitoring the Internet for you. The idea is similar to the Music Genome Project: Create your own radio station with a group like you already have, and they will play music that sounds the same extent. But beyond playing music, Last.fm will also indicate whether this group is currently touring as you want (and if so, where and when), the songs you’ve heard the last time (useful if you have been zoned and suddenly remember the name of a really good song they played three songs live) and music stations, they recommend based on your preferences.

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45th Love Film Love Film developed by Free

In our ongoing quest company be able to do everything while sitting on your ass in our lounges Lovefilm a spearhead. UKS has the largest DVD rental company with more than 67,000 movies and over 1,000,000 members out for a movie that seems redundant as a term fixed at the arcade or throw rotten vegetables on prisoners in the block .

As if love movie hadnt already made life easier, you can now associate your account with your iPhone Lovefilm courtesy of the official application. And this is not lip victims are almost all functions of the PC version of it, and best of all free (if you count the fact that you do not need a project Legislation to benefit from movie Love)


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46th miCoach Developer: Adidas International Inc., Free p


> / p> This cool new application offers a set planner-in-one training and personal trainers to anyone who wants to get in shape. With this application you can use your iPhone to a customized training program designed to build professionally thats your performance and endurance, select one of the following: diet fitness
by walking, jogging, cycling or running
(z. that training for a marathon)

Football American Football Tennis Basketball

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47th NYTimes-free, developers: The New York Times Company

The NYTimes improved application for the iPhone now has more content, including blogs, videos and slide shows. Take advantage of our new high-end free subscription, and unlock all or part of the application, plus unlimited access to NYTimes.com on any device. Happy reading offline and online content across the Times, including blogs. Experience world-class multimedia with video and slide shows within articles and in the new video and photo sections. Bookmark frequently visited sections or blogs and store items as favorite new item. Recommend articles, photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter and email. Get the latest news and warnings to first read about the events as they occur.

48th debacle Software

<: 1 , $ 99, Contact - Pano>

Pano is an award-winning application that brings you beautiful, seamless panoramic photos from directly from the phone, no additional software needed. Chosen by Apple as one of the “Best Apps of 2009”, Pano has received rave reviews from hundreds of thousands of users worldwide! Pano is exclusively for iPhone and iPod Touch (with camera).

49th Adobe Photoshop Express: Clean Up Your Photos Free

/ p > Sometimes you think you’ve captured the Golden Fleece, and then you write your own photos and discover that there is indeed an olive-colored bronzey. If you go back to it? No! He just photoshop!

Use this tool to crop, straighten, rotate, flip, exposure, saturation, hue, black and white, and soft-focus, is to perfect your image.


How Great photos-5 iPhone applications review

50th Shazam: the best application Free Europe

The iPhone most downloaded in the U.S., according to a study by comScore, Facebook is. In the UK, significantly, its iPint for Carling in Europe, but his Shazam. The music search service that identifies a piece of recorded music, accessible via a microphone 50 million mobile users on all platforms in October ($ 15 million for the iPhone).

Four months ago, London-based startup has been a paid version of its iPhone application Shazam Again and the free version is limited to five tags per month. This does not seem to have stood in his way.

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51st Sky Mobile TV: Free TV on your iPhone

The Sky Mobile TV application enables you to Sky Sports 1,2 and 3 and Sky Sports News, Sky Sports Extra, Sky News, At The Races and ESPN.


The Sky Mobile TV application is currently working on the iPhone Sky Fi tariffs include unlimited WiFi access BT Openzone and The Cloud Wi-Fi hotspots in the UK (including most Starbucks) .

read how to live on British television in search of the iPhone.

52nd Spotify: Free Tunes! Without

/ P

> iPhone and eight, 16 or 32? With Spotify, it does not really matter. Although only for premium members Spotify, the application allows you to stream music and playlists over-the-air via your mobile connection. This means that the huge music library Spotify is available wherever you are. And with. the ability to save playlists offline on your mobile phone, even if your phone signal stops, the music should

53rd Stanza read books on your iPhone, / p>

/ p> Read books on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad! Lexcycle Stanza brings the digital revolution to your pocket book with a reading interface that is unprecedented in its clarity and ease of use. With over 4 million downloads worldwide, has become a phenomenon iPhone Stanza and is considered one of the top three favorites in Apple introduced its “App Store Turns 1” to celebrate.

54th-MARKET STAR Developed by Vito Technology Inc., 1.79 / p>

Starwalker store information and location more than 9,000 stars, planets, constellations and other celestial bodies. You can hunt in the night sky for your digital astrological sign, then use the Time Machine, you look behind your constellation spin fast forward all the way to your date birth, and find out where Mars will be on 50th.

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/ p>

StreamToMe use on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad read this video, streaming music and photo files via WiFi 3G or your Mac or Windows PC. A previous conversion or synchronization required (many supported formats without conversion) just tap the file and read it. Using the TV-out cable or Apple TV can play on StreamToMe your TV, turn your iPhone / iPod / over your Mac / PC into a home multimedia center for all your files

The Independent iPad

56th to Friday manufacturer. Missing Ink Studios Ltd / p>

Now you can read all the news from The Independent on” full downloadingthe stories are as they occur. The App was independent offline, you can read all the stories and all images, so you can read all the news stories, even if the signal of your phone is intermittent or not available .


57th TuneWiki-free, Manufacturer: TuneWiki Inc.

TuneWiki is a social music player, your favorite music (songs, Internet radio and music videos) plays in time with the subtitle. The most popular music can be found on our top 50 charts and maps of the music. Lyrics and music: music player offers song TuneWiki controlled in time, subtitles translate the texts of your songs in over 40 languages ​​and obtain pouches album for your favorite artist

58th API manufacturers .. Iain Dodsworth, TweetDeck Inc., Price: Free

Twitter may have its own application, but have played this game Tweetdeck Inc. much longer. Tweetdeck has an innovative style of the displayed columns. With your finger to the left or right, you’re in a position to each view column, which contains everyone is down to you all. TweetDeck not limited to Twitter, with Facebook integration allows you to see friends and create your own updates. This app is more like a social dashboard with easy access to each of your. Friends of small worlds

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59th free Twitter, Manufacturer :. Twitter, Inc. / p> p / Follow Your Interests: Instant updates from your friends , industry experts favorite celebrities, and what happens to the world. saccades Get the latest information on the official Twitter application for iPhone. Research shows real-time breaking news, while the trends and topics maps what is happening now around the world showed. visualize trends of research users and their interests are given in several categories, including fashion, entertainment and travel, or what people are saying about topics that interest you, like politics or sports events.

60th Ultimate Guitar Tabs – $ 2.99, Vendor: Ultimate Guitar

<> / p> It

few musicians will never make a song book or play a musical note was not a perfect and blessed at birth may trigger the playback of each song so smooth in a few minutes of the first hearing. Then there are the other 99.999% of us have to really learn our favorite songs on the old. However, trawling through Used books music and decipher the squiggles that your colleagues elder brother, who is selected for you is not anyones idea of ​​fun. and we’re honest, Rock and Roll

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61st Yelp Yelp, Inc. Price:. Free

I need to buy with Yelp for about a month. When it first came out, or when I heard of him, do not know what preceded the other I could not find anything to me (I thank you from small town America). I do not know what happened between the changes from then until now . Now I have almost everything that can be seen as so close to me within the radius of Yelp. I can not act itself, as I say, I can also write the place I visit, bookmark my favorites, and there’s even a section for sales and special offers. bonus

Read the full review of Yelp.

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