10 Most Recommended iPhone Apps in March

Sometimes people you know and do not always depend on aid and assistance to you. If you’re into that kind of dilemma, you can do something with your iPhone faithful very easy to do for you. This paper presents the Top Ten of applications recommended by our recommendations based on Facebook for the month of March.

first Billboard Club – Last Updated: February 8, 2011, Developer: clubbillboard.com, Price Free src =

List The club display iPhone. These applications are especially useful if you go into the night alone in a new and unfamiliar place, and do not know where to find some hot night club. This application provides an online listing of the club closest to your site or on request. This could also be very useful when friends went ahead and left the club without direction. Other uses to spy on and know where the rumors are nightclubs.

2 Ma

virtual girlfriend – Updated: February 23, 2011, Developer: WET Incorporated, price $ 0.99

never the impression that if you have a pair with a date or walk in the park and say you’ve seen in forever be alone.? Or ever the need to practice how to do things that you really like girlfriend. Well, maybe this treatment only for you. My Virtual Girlfriend The application can be very convenient, but also aware of the risks in applying too much, you lose your most precious relationship in the future. Note that this application of a calculator (even extra-marital), and will never replace a real friend.

third # Winner – Last update: March 23, 2011 Developer: Mention Mobile LLC, price $ 0.99

iPhone Charlie Sheen, you and your friends are on the floor ha ha Once this application tag your photos with the famous words WIN #. How to be Charlie Sheen’s response that he always wins in the fields, you can now share the pride when the application is one day win a photo of you and a hot chick.

fourth eBay Mobile – Updated: January 7, 2011 Developer: src =

You are a

active member of eBay? The application then eBay should definitely be on the list of your most useful iPhone applications. From your iPhone, you’ll have access to most controls such as eBay listing and selling a few ideas. You may also the operations of the application that the purchase and the nomination you on some points. In addition, the implementation of a messaging service that allow you to continue to communicate with their friends. The app offers a website where you can find your eBay page, the page and finally sealing access the settings page, where you can customize the application.

fifth iHandy Carpenter – Last Updated: December 18, 2010 Developer: iHandySoft, Inc., Price $ 1.99 src src =

application is very useful, especially for a city carpenter without his improvised upgrade base, one of the measuring instruments. The carpenter is app app iHandy tools that five households the functionality of your iPhone as a reporter, level, level, ruler and plumb line. The app comes with an interface very beautiful and elegant and also in high definition.

sixth Deliverance – Updated: January 24, 2011 Developer: Deliverance LTD Price Free 
<p>” /> </h3>
<p> Issue is an iPhone application cool rescue services supply website in providing first-class meals for the residents of London developed. Now the service has the iPhone as an application to come, it is certainly more convenient than ever. For example, work being a weekday and you’re late and simply did not have enough time to prepare a luxurious and romantic dinner for your birthday. The iPhone Deliverance to the rescue of the order of a beautiful top class evening meal is very cheap. And amazingly, this meal is delivered to your home. </P><br />
<h3> seventh Maniac Typing – Last update: 18 February 2011, developers: Underground games, price $  0.99  <img src =

Maniac Typing /> Have you ever gambled obsessively on the PC? Now, typing Maniac is coming, the game application for the iPhone and is just as addictive. The goal is to type the words that fall, are on the screen to destroy it. How to increase each level in the game for the loss of the difficulty and speed, so you must really be crazy accurate, do not lose a life.

you lose the game if you lose all lives, and that is when your workload is overloaded too difficult to manage for you.

Eighth Plan Tube – Last Updated: February 2, 2011, developers mxdata Limited src =

Never get lost in the streets of confusion and London Underground. By subway map, you’ll never ask a public authority or shamefully ignorant public resonance for questions. If you’re lost, just press the button “My Location” seem. From here you can find and be guided to the nearest station. The application also offers a route function allows you to choose your departure and destination and see all possible avenues to take.

ninth Google Mobile App – Updated: March 15, 2011 Developer: Mobile Price: Free src =

The Google App for iPhone is certainly one of the coolest applications humanity has ever seen. Need help with various things like conversions, definitions, translations, and it is right under the power of popular search engine. An interesting feature about this application is the mask of Google. This function works like a photo-analysis system that analyzes each type of text in any language. So it is very useful when you need to understand the text written in an unknown tongue.

10.fring – Last Updated: October 12, 2010 Developer: BSkyB Price: Free src =

And finally the last member of most recommended 10 applications for the month of March, the application Fring. Think of free Internet calls to a friend or a group of friends. All you have to the Internet and friends are invited to call. Get yourself and your colleagues to install Fring on iPhone and start talking for a whole evening of good internet telephony group. This application is more social than you think. It also enables you with the contacts on your Facebook, Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN Messenger, Twitter, ICQ and communicate. Applications that you can make your tweets, Facebook status, and mood Fring.


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